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Here you can buy Windsurfing, Kite, surfing, a board with an oar and Weeksurf in Moscow. You can also buy a sail, mast, geek, wetsuit here. You can also buy, at a completely market price, kite, kiteboard to indicate the price. Can buy.

Without Kevordo

Mailing machines 2019 with discounts from 10% to 20%

Absolutely everything for wet sports

For design: carbon foil

Welcome! Today we are talking with the designer of the underwater wings, Jarome Bonya and the Product Manager Max Payank and talk about the new mast and fuselages in the Fanatic line. Today we are discussing Aluminium 3.0, the Carbon line and the new fanatic/duotone collab mast.

Duotone VTS Tail

A full -fledged, extremely simple system, which visually displays the perfect tension when setting up.

December 12, 2021

Cold weather slippers

Friends, on the street November month. In the Northern Hemisphere at this time it is usually quite cold, even in those places where it is usually warm. I would like to move closer to the fireplace, cover myself with a blanket and warm with drinks. Who am I lying, which fireplace? Just hug the battery and watch surf muviki.

Review of SUP boards in Marabu

Recently, SUP has been gaining huge turns, everywhere open rental, family vacation on the water becomes more diverse, fitness on SUP has generally become a trend of the year! And everything is explained quite simply: Kaiters and surfers are tired of waiting for the wind!

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