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Information and reviews about the Fon Toto project (Fon Toto)

The Toto von Toto project specializes at the rates on the totalizer. Here, gambling fans are invited to guess the outcome of 15 events selected by the bookmaker in one circulation. You can find a list of circulations on the site Fon Toto (von Toto).

If luck smiles at the player, and he correctly predicts all the matches, he will be waiting for a multimillion-dollar jack. The problem is that events are selected for vonto, which is difficult to analyze and disrupt the main jackpot is almost unrealistic. For each circulation of the pool, it is formed depending on the activity of the players – how many forecasts for the totalizer will be made, so many winners are distributed to each other.

The payment of winnings begins with 9 guessed matches, and the size grows with each next properly predicted match. On Fon Toto, information about the start of a new list of circulations appears no later than two days before the start of the first match.

Project guarantees Von Toto

Officially, the Fon Toto project has been operating since 2012. During the existence on the resource, the theme and design of the site did not change. Fon Toto users (von Toto) can independently publish forecasts for a new circulation of the totalizer, determining the best among themselves, which receive the right to monetize their own knowledge by selling bets.

Each registered user of von Toto VK is invited to subscribe to newsletters, which also includes information about the upcoming totalizer draw. Alerts come to an e-mail players.

The site collaborates with Fonbet BC. The bookmaker is a sponsor of the project, although many people in the reviews of von Toto write that the resource belongs entirely to a betting company.

How the Fon Toto project works (von Toto)

On the main page there are several thematic sections:

  • Forecasts. Fon Toto analysts forecasts with a detailed analysis publish for matches of the current totalizer draw.
  • Results. In this section, the results of the circulations are published, starting with the latter. Each player can check the coupon of previous draws by introducing the circulation number to the navigation for the search. There is also the opportunity to calculate the Jack-to-the-foot of the new draw.
  • Top. A table of capers has been compiled that showed the best result on Fon Toto. The rating is divided into two stages (periods of 2015-2018 and 2018 today). It publishes how many matches on average the forecast guesses for the circulation, and the best result that is achieved by the player in one of the draws during the registration on the von Toto project. To be in the rating of top capers, you need to take part in the list of ten circulations of the Fon Toto project.
  • Online.You can monitor the course of events from the totalizer in Live (Live)-mode (online). Information is provided with MyScore.
  • Guarantee. Checking tickets for circulations, the section has no information nature. The category was created to check the honesty of the bookmaker Fonbet. Users in the public domain are provided with information on all coupons that take part in a specific draw.
  • Vacancies. Free working vacancies of forecasters on the site were published. The details are painted in the details and how the selection of candidates is carried out, you can familiarize yourself with the application form. At the initial stage of cooperation, daily wages are promised, later the caps will receive earnings once a week on an ongoing basis.
  • Contacts. It is proposed to contact with von Toto’s employees through the feedback form, it is not provided for another way to contact the resource.

In the left side of the main page can be found with the list of the TOP-10 forecasters of the current draw. Below are the numbers of coupons for which the largest winnings of the last circulation were paid according to the results of the website of the von Toto.

There are warnings on the site that forecasts for the totalizer are accompanied by risk, and there is no probability of instant winnings. But this does not stop the gambling fans who are attracted to experience good luck.

At the same time, few people think about the fact that the bookmaker Fonbet intentionally offers bets on matches in little -known football leagues or picking up equal rivals equal.

This is done in the calculation of their own profit, because in this case even 9 guessed outcomes are considered success. This thesis confirms the activated function, with which the prognosis is formed by a random way automatically.

Statistics von Toto and its analysis

The guarantor section on the site contains information about the participating tickets of the current draw. It is taken on the BC Fonbet website, but it is difficult to understand the essence of the publication of other people's forecasts. Players can check any registered coupon of other users, but what benefit this will give players who plan to bet is not clear.

Fon Toto coupon check

In the profile of each Fon Toto forecast, there are detailed statistics of activity – the average cross -country rate, the number of circulations and maximum results online in the draw during the game on the totalizator. Prior to publication, only forecasts with the analysis of the event are allowed.

After registration, paid and free forecasts of von Toto are available to each adult client after registration. Virtual draws are organized on the site, whose winners can sell their forecasts for money. The registration process does not last long-you need to fill out the questionnaire indicating the e-mail or log in when using the current account on the social network VKontakte.

In a personal profile, the client predicts for tomorrow the next circulation of the totalizer, matches in which are selected by the Fonbet bookmaker.You can follow the course of events for which forecasts are made today on Von Toto in real time from the registered office. Here, timely information is received about changes in the score and the authors of goals scored.

Registered users can receive for money accurate forecasts for today or tomorrow from experienced Fon Toto analysts (Fontoto). Here you need to understand that the probability of winning on a totalizator is even less than when betting at a bookmaker.

The coefficient that the user will beat the bookmaker is not lower than 1:1,000,000. This means that you can count on guessing 9 events in order to get at least some benefit from the forecast for Fon-Toto in the sweepstakes. Feedback from players on the Fontoto forum says that this indicator does not obey the majority – on average, players guess 4-6 matches.