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Developing and training games

Toys are an important element in the development of the baby. With their help, you can train fine motor skills, develop imagination, they teach and immerse the child in the script of adulthood. But often parents are lost in the assortment of children's stores. They buy everything bright from shelves or from catalogs, all kinds of developers for children, because in their childhood there was no such diversity.

It seems that this approach is not bad: the more toys the baby has, the more fun it will spend time. But children's psychologists do not agree with this. They believe that a large number of cubes, developers and other children's goods can have a negative impact. Children will quickly lose interest in toys or, conversely, will begin to play everything, without delving into the essence and throwing the games unfinished. To avoid this, you need to choose the right Games for kids. And the main criterion for choosing children's games and toys is age.

How to choose toys for small ones by age

The most difficult age category in the choice of toys is preschoolers. You can ask older children about their preferences, find out which cartoons they like. But the kids often do not know what it would be interesting for them to play. Choosing toys and games for the smallest experts suggest relying on the features of development at one or another age.

Toys for kids from 6 months to 2 years

At this age, the child begins to walk, masters complex movements (running, jumping), seeks to know everything that surrounds him. In the baby, subject-manipulative activity prevails: he touches objects to understand their properties, moves them, moves from place to place. So the child for the first time puts a picture of his own world: he already understands that some things are soft and warm, and some are heavy or hot and it is better not to touch them.

Toys for this age should help the child in comparison of objects, strengthen his pens, develop imagination.

Examples of toys for children from 6 months to 2 years:

  • nesting dolls;
  • large mosaics;
  • cubes and pyramids;
  • books with stickers or convex illustrations;
  • kinetic sand or plasticine;
  • lodges;
  • toys with laces and Velcro;
  • items for playing in the sandbox.

The main rule: all toys should be made of safe hypoallergenic materials, without sharp corners, not heavy.

Developing toys for children from 2 to 3 years old

From the age of two, the most active age of the child begins. The baby turns into a small fidget and a whip. He studies the capabilities of his body, he likes to overcome obstacles (climb the sofa or Swedish wall).Along with this, he begins to more actively learn about the world around him. The child is already interested not only in the objects themselves, but also in their relationship with each other, their properties and capabilities.

From this age, you can gradually introduce educational toys for children and be sure to have in the arsenal of educational games for children. With their help, the child begins to train memory, increase vocabulary, learn to memorize the names of flowers, animals, imitate their sounds.

Examples of games and toys for children from 2 to 3 years old:

  • cubes with letters and numbers;
  • mosaic;
  • board games about animals; ;
  • funny coloring pages;
  • sports equipment (fitball, jump rope);
  • dolls of different sizes and professions with interchangeable clothes;
  • Wooden puzzles or soft puzzles with a small number of elements;
  • educational games for little ones (mazes, find common/differences, puzzles).

The principle of choosing toys is simple: they should be a little more difficult than those that a child had under two years of age. But do not immediately load it with books and copybooks. There will still be time for this. Now the kid should play more than study.

Children's toys for children from 4 to 6 years

At this age, the child undergoes major changes. For the first time, he begins to realize himself as a person – a separately existing person with his own desires, emotions, mood. From the age of four, it is not enough for him to study subjects. Fantasy and abstract thinking come into play. The kid is more and more passionate about creating game scenarios, for each of his toys he tries to come up with a role, words, character.

From the same age, preparation for school begins. High demands are placed on modern preschoolers when entering the first grade: they must already know numbers, letters, and be able to write simple words. All this should be taught at home. And the easiest way to do this is with educational games.

Examples of toys from 4 to 6 years old:

  • role-playing games for children by profession (toys, clothes, objects of doctors, firefighters, policemen, etc.);
  • toy household appliances for a child (teaches self-care skills);
  • books with bright illustrations;
  • copybooks, complex coloring;
  • needlework tools (colored paper, scissors, cardboard, glue);
  • Puzzles with more elements;
  • more challenging puzzles and mazes.

At this age, you need to choose the right educational games. They should be captivating, bright, always with a plot. Just learning to write letters in cursive is not interesting. But if you arrange it in the form of a treasure hunt game, during which the kid needs to write a map or solve a riddle, then the child will start learning with great pleasure.

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