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On October 21, at 12:00, the CSKA PFC will open the sale of tickets for the home match of the Europa League-2020/21 against Zagrebsky Dynamo, which will be held on October 29 at 20:55.

Ticket program for the match of the FFC CSKA – Dynamo Z

In accordance with the recommendations of UEFA, all tickets must be personalized. In this regard, tickets will be implemented online, with the exception of the family sector 202, since the purchase of preferential tickets is required to provide documents (parental passport and birth certificate). At the same time, the ticket offices for the purchase of tickets in the 202nd sector will be open from October 23 (on Friday-10: 00-21: 00, then everyday life-10: 00-18: 45, weekends-11: 00-18: 00).

Implementation will be carried out in two stages:
From the 21st to October 25-only for owners of subscriptions. Each of them can buy one ticket.
On October 26, free sale will open if the whole quota is not sold out by the owners of the subscriptions.

Please note that in order to ensure the safety of commands and official delegations of clubs in accordance with the UEFA protocol, the PSB-VIP sector and partially sectors 201 and 218 will be closed for sale. Rights from the 1st to the 5th of all sectors of the lower tier K will also be seized from the ticket program, and from the 1st to the 4th of all sectors of the lower tier of the stands C, S and A.

According to the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor and UEFA, the capacity of the stands, taking into account social distance, should not exceed 30%. Therefore, a situation is possible in which you cannot purchase a ticket to the sector according to the subscription for the matches of the championship of Russia. We ask you to understand these circumstances with understanding.

We especially draw your attention to the need to observe a social distance when being in the stadium and in the stands, take a place according to the ticket. Wearing masks and gloves is also a prerequisite. Spectators who refuse to comply with these requirements will not be allowed to the stadium or can be withdrawn from the stands.

October 29, 2020, th. 20:55 Moscow time

VEB Arena, Moscow

Moscow, Russia Russia