The results of the goslot 7 out of 49. Is it really possible to win

The results of the goslot 7 out of 49. Is it really possible to win everyone! The dream of winning the lottery does not leave good money many of those who are tired of spending a third of their lives at the work unpleasant for him and

The results of the goslot 7 out of 49. Is it really possible to win

Hello! The dream of winning the lottery does not leave good money many of those who are tired of spending a third of their lives at an unpleasant job and interrupt with meager earnings.

It seems to many that having torn a good jackpot in the lottery, you can once and for all solve all financial problems and, finally, afford what they have long dreamed of. In recent years, the lotto and instant lotteries, which many people in Soviet times were fond of, became popular again. In particular, this applies to Loto 7 out of 49.

Before talking about whether it is realistic to win in Loto 7 of 49 the rules of the game. In order to take part in the circulation, you need to purchase a ticket and bet. This can be implemented at once in several ways. Firstly, there is an opportunity to go to the point of sales (usually these are bookstores and cos from all-up and buy tickets.

Also, those who prefer to play online 7 out of 49 should go to and bet there.

Owners of smartphones working on android appreciated a special application that allows you to scan codes and send them to the center of the next circulation. If there is no smartphone, but there is a desire to take part in the game at a distance, you can also make a SMS rate by simply sending codes by the corresponding number. After the ticket is purchased, it is necessary to bet. If the ticket is paper, the game coupon is attached to it during sale.

How to play 7 out of 49

Now I’ll tell you a little about how to play 7 out of 49. The game coupon, which it was a little higher, consists of 6 playing fields, and the rate is seven non -casual numbers from 1 to 49. It should be noted 7 numbers in the game coupon, in this The option will be a standard rate. It is also possible to make a detailed rate. To do this, it should be noted up to 15 numbers if you play with a paper ticket.

Many are interested in what is the probability of winning the lottery. I will say right away that the task of my publication is not a detailed story on how to win in 7 out of 49. I will only tell you about possible ways to make bets.

Few players know that in the tablet 7 out of 49, the rules of the game provide for the possibility of automatic bets (provided that you play on the site). It is enough to select the appropriate option by setting a checkmark on the page on the site where the rate is made. It is also important to remember that the rules allow you to take part in any number of circulations from two to 9. In order to realize this, you just need to mark the corresponding number of circulations with a tick.

How the prize fund is distributed

Many of those who have never played lottery are interested in what is the probability of winning and is there a chance to get it.Reasoning, how often there are winning combinations, are more likely to become the topic of this, but to the section of mathematics, which is called probability theory.

I’ll tell you briefly only about how the prize fund is distributed and how the cash prize can be obtained.

To receive a cash prize, it is necessary to guess from 4 to 7 numbers a ticket. The guessed on the 4th day is the cash prize in the amount of 25% of the total winnings. Those who guess 5 numbers are supposed to be 15% of the prize fund, the guessing 6 out of 7 numbers will get 20%, finally the lucky or lucky ones who can accurately name all the numbers, will get 40% of the prize circuit of the circulation.

Those who made a detailed bet are calculated a little differently. Of all the guessed numbers, combinations of 7 numbers are formed and, after that, the winnings are calculated on the basis of all the resulting combinations.

Is it possible to disrupt the jackpot

Sometimes in the lottery it happens that no one guesses the desired combination of 7 digits. In this case, no one gets the prize fund, and for its distribution an additional distribution circulation 7 out of 49 is organized. The winner of this circulation gets the largest prize, the last time in my memory such a circulation was organized in 2015, and its winner managed to disrupt 35 million rubles . An impressive amount that many can envy.

But I also found a video where the winnings were much less, but I think some will be interested in watching the winner's face:

How to get a win

After you have bet on Gosloto 7 out of 49, check the winnings immediately after the end of the last circulation. On the official Stoloto website, as on the Gosloto website, 7 out of 49, the results of the last circulation are usually published a few minutes after its end and stored on the site until the next circulation is completed. But what about those who could not track their winnings for various reasons?

According to the rules, you can request a gain within a month after the explosion that has become victorious for your ticket. For those who did not have time to check the ticket, there is an archive of Gosloto’s circulations 7 out of 49. In it, the results about the winnings are stored for six months, so everyone who was late with receiving information about the winnings can check their ticket in the archive. There, information will be stored for six months.

Those who finally made sure that they had become the winner of the circulation, it is necessary to get a win. If its amount is less than 2000 rubles, it can be paid directly at the point of sales. The winnings are more than this amount at points of sales as well, but about this must be found out in advance, since the amount is individual for each case.

In November 2017, a resident of Surgut bought a Gosloto 7 of 49 ticket and became the owner of a prize of 32 million rubles. And the day after the success of a resident of Surgut, a citizen from Irkutsk won at Goslot 7 of 49 – he took 1.5 million rubles.

You can become the owner of the same (and possibly even larger) prizes if you regularly participate in the Gosloto 7 out of 49 lottery draws. Today we will tell you how to purchase a Gosloto 7 out of 49 ticket, how to fill it out, where to see the results of the draws and how to withdraw your money.

Gosloto 7 out of 49 is one of the youngest lotteries held by Stoloto. The first winners of this draw were revealed on September 8, 2014. The number of draws held at Gosloto 7 out of 49 is approaching 7.5 thousand.

Over 4 years of ticket sales for Gosloto 7 out of 49, more than 1.5 billion rubles were paid to the winners. Ibrahim Egameberidiev turned out to be the luckiest player – in March 2015 he managed to win a prize of 12.874 million rubles.

50% of the proceeds collected from the sale of tickets are allocated to rewards for the winners of Gosloto 7 out of 49. The cost of the coupon is from 50 rubles.

How to buy tickets?

The Stoloto company offers those who wish to try their luck several ways to buy a ticket for the next Gosloto 7 out of 49 draw:

  • contact the nearest lottery ticket sales kiosk (you can see where it is located on the Stoloto website or in the mobile application)
  • go to the Stoloto website and purchase a ticket there
  • contact Russian Post, Svyaznoy or Rostelecom – Stoloto partners will sell a ticket for the next draw
  • visit the nearest point of BaltBet or BaltLoto (betting companies cooperating with Stoloto.

Regardless of which method you choose to buy a Gosloto 7 out of 49 ticket, you will pay the same price for the coupon. Affiliates do not set additional commissions.

How to play?

1. If you buy a paper ticket

At the points of sale of Stoloto and partners, a paper ticket will be issued. It looks like this:

Each “physical” coupon (the one sold at Stoloto and Partners kiosks) contains six tickets at once – fields A-E. If you cross out the numbers, for example, in fields A, B and C, then the system will regard this as the purchase of three tickets. If you wish to purchase only one ticket, select the numbers in only one playing field.

To enter the game, you need to cross out any seven numbers in any field. After that, you need to indicate your mobile phone number to the cashier and give the form. In return, you will receive a receipt – keep it if you want to receive your winnings.

2. If you buy a ticket via the Internet

Go to the Stoloto website to buy a Gosloto 7 out of 49 ticket via the Internet. The coupon looks like this:

Unlike the paper form, only one ticket is displayed by default. If you want to purchase more, click on Add ticket.

Otherwise, the game process is no different from buying a ticket at a retail point of sale – select seven numbers that should fall out in the next draw and pay for the ticket. It will immediately enter the database of the Stoloto system and take part in the next draw.

If you want to win more, we recommend making a detailed bet. To do this, you need to mark in one ticket not seven, but more numbers. If you play online, you can cross out up to 14 numbers, if you prefer paper tickets, you can choose up to 16 numbers.

The more numbers you cross out, the more winning combinations you get. The ticket price also increases:

Marked numbers Possible combinations Cost, rub.
7 1 50
8 8 400
9 36 1 800
10 120 6 000
11 330 16 500
12 792 39 600
13 1716 85 800
14 3432 171 600
15 6435 321 750
16 11 440 572 000

If you mark, for example, 10 numbers in one ticket, then you will pay 6 thousand rubles for participation in Gosloto 7 out of 49. But the number of winning combinations will increase from 1 to 120.

How are the draws going?

You can participate in the Gosloto 7 out of 49 lottery 6 times a day. Draws are held:

  • at 12:30
  • at 15:30
  • at 17:30
  • at 19:30
  • at 21:30
  • at 23:30.

All values ​​are in Moscow time.

When will my ticket be drawn?

In the Stoloto company, the sale of tickets for the next draw ends 20 minutes before its start. It means that:

  • if you bought a ticket from 23:10 the previous day to 12:10 today, you will play the lottery at 12:30
  • if you purchased a ticket from 12:10 to 15:10, then you will participate in the lottery at 15:30
  • if you bought a ticket from 15:10 to 17:10, then your prize draw will take place at 17:30
  • if you become the owner of a ticket from 17:10 to 19:10, then you will play in the lottery at 19:30
  • if you bought a ticket between 19:10 and 21:10, then you will participate in the draw at 21:30
  • if you purchased a ticket from 21:10 to 23:10, you will become a participant in the lottery at 23:30.

Draw procedure

  1. Before each draw of Gosloto 7 out of 49, the prize fund is calculated.
  2. Then the broadcast begins (you can watch it on the official Stoloto website). There are 49 balls in the lottery machine.
  3. After its launch, the balls are mixed, and then certain kegs are selected. The numbers of the dropped balls determine the winners.

All selected kegs are collected in a special lototron tube (located on the right side of the device). The numbers of the dropped balls are visible in the broadcast.

How much will I win?

You can get a prize in Gosloto 7 out of 49 if you guess at least three numbers.

For three numbers, named correctly, a fixed winning is issued – 125 rubles. If you managed to guess more numbers, then you take part in the distribution of the remaining prize fund:

This means that the players who correctly named the numbers of the five dropped kegs share 15% of the total prize pool among themselves.

The lucky ones who have matched all seven digits receive a super prize. Its size is not fixed: the minimum is 10 million rubles, the maximum is much more. For example, at the time of writing, the super prize was 57 million rubles.

How to find out the results?

If you participate in the Gosloto 7 out of 49 lottery, you can use one of four ways to find out your winnings:

  • by number of circulation and ticket
  • watch the broadcast of the draw (available on the Stoloto website in the Gosloto 7 out of 49 section
  • check your ticket in the archive of Gosloto 7 out of 49 draws
  • contact the cashier at the point of sale where you bought the ticket
  • contact a support agent (we recommend calling +7 499 27-027-27).

You can also get acquainted with, it displays the results of all runs.

How to get a win?

Find out how much you won in Gosloto 7 out of 49, and depending on the amount of the prize, choose one of the ways to receive it:

  • More than 2000 rubles – visit the point of sale and receive funds in cash
  • 2001-100000 rubles – visit the point of sale or contact the organizer of the lottery so that the funds are paid to the Stoloto wallet
  • 100,001-1,000,000 rubles – send a registered letter to the Stoloto address with identification documents (scans, copies), as well as information about bank details
  • More than 1,000,000 rubles – visit the Stoloto office in person with a passport and account details, where the money will be transferred.

The minimum period that must pass in order for you to be able to receive a payment is a day from the moment of the draw.

Please note that Stoloto pays money only to those winners who applied for a prize within six months from the time of the draw.

Is it realistic to win?

In the table below – the chances of guessing 3,4,5,6 or 7 numbers:

The probability of getting the smallest prize in Gosloto 7 out of 49 is 4.5%. For other wins, it is even less: for example, you can guess 4 numbers with a probability of 0.47%. Well, the chance to hit the jackpot is quite meager – 0.0000012%.


Gosloto 7 out of 49 is suitable for gamblers who want to often try their luck. Draws are held daily, six times a day. And this means that in a week you can buy a Gosloto 7 out of 49 ticket 42 times.

The cost of the Gosloto 7 out of 49 ticket is one of the lowest among all the lotteries held by Stoloto: you can become a participant in this draw for 50 rubles. But the probability of winning a prize is also the lowest: the chance of getting at least some kind of winnings is less than 5%.

Becoming a member of Gosloto 7 out of 49 is easy. Fill out a ticket on the website or purchase a coupon at the nearest point of sale. Watch the live broadcast and collect your winnings in any convenient way. Good luck!

Today, the next distribution draw of the Gosloto 7 out of 49 lottery will take place, in which half of the accumulated prize fund is planned to be divided among the winners. Unless someone guesses 7 out of 49, of course.

Planned distribution scheme

  • for 3 numbers, 62 rubles are added to the winnings (total 187 rubles); the rest is divided as follows:
  • for 4 guessed numbers – 35%
  • for 5 guessed numbers – 30%
  • for 6 guessed numbers – 35%

Why is half the prize pool distributed?

The answer to this question is very simple. The organizers need to maintain interest in the game, and most of the participants still hope they want to win the main prize. Since there are not many participants in each draw, only 15-20 thousand tickets, it takes a lot of time to accumulate another worthy super prize. And the owners of Stoloto seem to have no desire to put up a big guaranteed prize.

By the way, did you notice that in all the Gosloto numerical lotteries, which are now held on lottery drums, there are no more huge guaranteed Prize? This is an indirect confirmation that the draws are now still honest.

Another confirmation of this is the jackpot to be torn yesterday “4 out of 20” (the third one this year, and the first, more similar to the truth) – a player from Buryatia, who has made a detailed rate worth 2,500 rubles receives 47,084,178 rubles.

When will the seven be?

The first circulation of the Gosloto “Gosloto 7 of 49” was held on May 22, 2011, during this time 6,166 circulations took place (now it is 6 circulations per day, which is simply unthinkable for such a game) and for all this time (more than 6 years!) Nobody, no one, Never, I guessed 7 out of 49.

The probability of correctly noted 7 numbers (out of 49) is 1 to 85 900 584 (one chance of 85 million!) And although this is possible literally in every circulation, but now, after the emergence of a lototron, it becomes more likely that once this is once that this Nevertheless will happen. According to our widget “”, for the entire existence of the Gosloto “7 of 49” lottery, players have already set 153 million combinations (153,145,486), and statistically at least one appearance of the seven could have occurred for a long time.

Perhaps this will happen in the distribution circulation, which for the rest of the participants, of course, will be insulting. Let's see how today's circulation will end, we will summarize the results after 23:30

The results of the distribution circulation

Winning combination: 5, 13, 14, 37, 39, 47, 48

  • Nobody guessed 7 numbers
  • 6 rooms – 1 winner, winnings 32 410 993 rubles.
  • 5 numbers – 208 winners, winning each 130 808 rubles.
  • 4 numbers – 5 125 winners, winning each 6,584 rubles.
  • 3 numbers – 57 985 winners, winning 187 rubles.

722,860 tickets participated in the circulation, 1,358,924 combinations

Hello, dear players of the lottery Gosloto 7 out of 49!

The circulation 3206 by the ticket number or the resulting combination can be on our portal site. You can get acquainted with the results and results of the draw 06/29/2016 half an hour after the circulation.

Circulation results No. 3206, June 29, 2016 at 22:35

A grand event is approaching, which occurs only a few times a year. You probably already guessed that it would be about the distribution circulation of the gosloto lottery 7 out of 49, which will take place at 22 hours 35 minutes Moscow time on June 29, 2016. In the gosloto, 7 out of 49 in 3206, the circulation will necessarily be played out by the accumulated superprize in the amount of 27,825,974 rubles, which will be added to the main prize fund. We pay attention, the circulation will be distributing if no one can guess all 7 numbers. Throughout the history of the game, no one was able to get a super prize.

The prize fund will be distributed as follows:

  • for 3 guessed numbers – 150 rubles;
  • for 4 guessed numbers – 30-40%;
  • for 5 guessed numbers – 25-35%;
  • For 6 guessed numbers – 30-40%.

And the millionaires will become those who will be able to guess 6 numbers of a winning combination. If you find yourself to the circulation, add the page to the bookmarks of your browser.

Goslot 7 of 49

“Gosloto“ 7 of 49 ”is a circulation lottery, whose draw passes six times a day. The minimum guaranteed superprize is 250,000,000 rubles.
The lottery Goslot 7 out of 49 can be purchased in the Russian Federation.Anyone can purchase a gosloto lottery, for this you can use one of the following methods: through the official website of the company Stoloto, through the Mobile application Stoloto, through the mobile version of the site, using SMS, in retail outlets, in lottery kiosks.
“Gosloto“ 7 out of 49 ”is a lottery that gives you a chance to become richer every day. To become a winner, it is necessary to guess 7 of 49 numbers. The tickets in which 3, 4, 5, 6 out of 49 are also guessed.
According to the rules of the game of the Gosloto “7 of 49” lottery, you must fill out the playing field. In total, there are six playing fields in the lottery ticket. The game field consists of 49 digits located in order from 1 to 49. To fill out the game field, you need to choose different 7 numerical values ​​at will, that is, to come up with a game combination.
If you want to increase your chances of winning, then you can make a detailed bet. The detailed rate starts from 8 game combinations. You must also understand that along with an increase in the chances of winning, you also increase the amount of potential winnings, and this will increase the cost of the rate.

When playing online in Gosloto 7 of 49, you can mark up to 15 numbers in one game field on the site, which is 6435 game combinations. If you have a paper ticket, then you can mark up to 16 numbers, and this is 11,440 game combinations.
You can check the lottery ticket Gosloto 7 of 49 on the site, at the points of their distribution or by calling on the phone.

Ways to check the results

On the website you can check the Gosloto ticket 7 of 49 in two simple ways: by the ticket number, according to the winning combination of the circulation.
When checking the lottery on the ticket number, you will not have to wait long. It is enough to indicate in the corresponding fields the number of the starting circulation and the ticket number. After entering this information, you need to click on the check button.

Checking the ticket by its number

If you are not just checking the ticket, you also want to find out what a prize combination in a certain check of the “Gosloto“ Gosloto “7 out of 49” by the game combination, you just need to know the number of the starting circulation and the invented prize combination.
Checking the lottery tickets online, you save your free time. Moreover, to check the ticket on the site, you do not need to go through the registration process, this information on the site is provided to any player and absolutely free.