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In the Irish hall, he spoke very well of him.

The former McGregor coach got into prison for the murder. He taught Conor to beat

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In 2016 Jonathan Dargan made the biggest mistake in life. While intoxicated, Dargan quarreled with his companion in front of the passers -by. One of those who decided to intervene in the conflict and reassure the violent dargan was Patrick Mallalli and his friend Shane Cunningham.

But Patrick did not expect at all that for his noble act he would receive several powerful blows, after which he would fall to the ground and hit his head heavily.

The resulting injuries, including a broken jaw and a traumatic brain injury with a brain hemorrhage, cost a 56-year-old Patrick of life. The next day he died.

At the trial, an important role was played by the testimony of a cyclist passing by, who confirmed the fact of intoxication of Dargan and his inadequate behavior.

I'm really sorry. It was an accident. I am devastated and killed by grief due to what I did for this man and his family. All I can say is what I am crushed … If I could pick up everything that happened that night, I would have done it, but all that I can do is to ask his family forgiveness. It was a real mistake – said Dargan in an interview with

Dargan, who worked at a hivery at night club, claimed that he acted for self -defense. Which, allegedly, he was afraid of Cunningham and Mallalli.

But the judge did not believe this, referring to the professional training of Dargan as a master of mixed martial arts. According to the court, Dargan had a sufficient fighting experience to know the power of his blows.

Jonathan Dargan is a professional MMA fighter and a former coach Conor McGregor Taekwondo. At one time, he worked in the famous SBG hall in Dublin, where he trained Artem Lobov and other UFC and Bellator fighters.

The current coach of McGregor John Cavana highly appreciated the contribution of Dargan to the development of shock technology of guys from SBG. In particular, he noted that Johnny worked a lot with Conor before his battle with Dennis Siver.

“It was great to train with Johnny. He was a hero for all the guys. I have never seen anyone who could move as fast as Johnny Dargan. He has some strange genetics. I would like scientists to measure its results. This person can do completely strange things. He is the absolute master of taekwondo. We studied new techniques, new movements. He is good in what he does. And he was able to convey it. He was a large part of Conor camp before the battle with Siver. But he is just most of the SBG hall. We are all proud of them and look at him from the bottom up , Said Cavana in an interview with

On January 30, the court found Jonathan Dargan guilty of murder by negligence and sentenced to 5.5 years in prison.