Photo: paraglider soaring over the sea

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The best places for extreme jumps and flights in the world have invented a lot in search of a spicy source. Paraplanes, Banji Jamping (Tarzanka), Skydiving or Beisjamping (different types

The best places in the world for extreme jumps and flights

People invented a lot in search of a spicy source. Paraplanes, Banji Jamping (Tarzanka), Skydiving or Beisjamping (different types of parachute) replaced a man of wings. We will talk about what places on the planet are especially good for separation from the ground.

Photo: paraglider soaring over the sea


The paraglider is a non -motorized manned aircraft with a motionless wing, inflated with air. Flight on it does not differ in high speed, but this is a good opportunity for a paraglider to evaluate the views that are floating below. Where is it especially pleasant to steam on paraglider?

Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique

This archipelago, almost not touched by civilization, is located 750 km from the African continent. There are white sandy beaches and crystal clean water. Fans of paraglider come here to fly here all year round.

Tanyan, South Korea

Two and a half hours of driving from Seoul – and before you is the Asian capital of paraplanerism. A popular tourist city with beautiful surrounding landscapes is so loved by extreme ones that two runways for paraglods and deltaplanes are even equipped here.

Photo: Paraplan flies above the mountains

Casteluccio, Umbria, Italy

Casteluccio is a high -altitude village, known for its colorful fields and meadows. There are schools of deltas -gliderism and paraglider with good fields for flights. The best time to visit is the beginning of summer, when all nature is in color, although in Umbria it is beautifully all year round.

Dune in a saw, Gironda, France

The largest sand dunes and one of the most famous places for paraplanerism in Western Europe. The sky above the dune in a saw on the shore is ideal for maneuverable paraplanerism due to the constantly blowing from the sea of ​​wind. But due to these special weather conditions, the dune is more suitable for experienced extremes, not newcomers.

Photo: Banji Jamping

Banji jamping

Banji jamping is a popular attraction that is often called Tarzanka in our country. Participants are tied to a long rubber rope with which they jump down. A spectacular jump requires sufficient height and, of course, a beautiful view.

The attraction opened in 2003 and quickly became popular – almost a million people managed to jump during this time. The height of the fall here is small – 43 meters, and land after the jump directly into the turquoise water of the Kawarau River.

Dam on the Verseska, Ticino, Switzerland river

On this dam, the moment of the fall of James Bond was shot in the film Golden Eye. Here they are sent into a flight from the concrete wall of the dam 220 meters high. The trip and jump can be ordered from specialists.

Photo: Banji-jump

Macau Tower, Katya

From the tower 233 meters high in the very center of the gambling capital of China, you can make a dangerous protracted Banji-jump right in the thick of the city. In order for the rope to fall directly during the descent from the giant skyscraper, and did not swing like a pendulum, it was necessary to improve its design.

Extremo Park, Monteverda, Costa Rica

The highest bungie-jump in Latin America can be made from a platform located 143 meters above the humid tropical forest. Tarzanka is located in a natural park, so after landing, tourists have the opportunity to take a walk in the jungle.

Photo: Beisjamping


Beisjamping is an extreme sport that uses a special parachute for jumping from rocks, mountains, high -rise buildings. The lower the object, the more dangerous the landing.

Waterfall Angel, Venezuela

The highest (979 meters) waterfall in the world and one of the most beloved sites among Beisjampers. The flight accompanies the roar of a powerful stream of water falling down steep rocks and disappear in tropical thickets. Bajamping is allowed by law here and special tours are regularly arranged for the waterfall.

Skyscraper Mercury, Moscow, Russia

One of the skyscrapers in Moscow City, the Golden Tower of Mercury-
Popular for Russian Beisjampers place for jumping. Recently built, this building about 350 meters high lured extreme lovers from the Ostankino Tower. The jump requires the resolution of the administration of the building.

Photo: Bay Navyo, Zakinf, Greece

Bay Navyo, Zakinf, Greece

One of the most beautiful beaches in Greece and the most popular place for Beisjamping in Europe. They jump here from a cliff 200 meters high. Free fall lasts from two to five seconds, and then planting in soft sand. Sinds of Beisjampers are regularly arranged here.

Skyscraper Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE

The highest building in the world at the same time and the most desirable for lovers of extreme jumps, but in order to go from here to fly, you need a special resolution. Those who manage to get it will be able to be in a free flight for almost one and a half minutes. Even if you can’t jump, climb the top of the building to admire an amazing view from a height of 828 meters.

Photo: Skydiving


Skydiving (lit. diving into the sky) is a type of parachute sports, where a free fall is extended due to the fact that the parachute is revealed as close to the ground as possible.

Skydive Dubai is one of the most popular parachute clubs in the world. This official organization, opened with the permission of Sheikh, whose son is a fan of Skydiving, attracts tourists from all over the world for jumping in a beautiful area with a view of the famous man -made island of Palma Jumeira.

Tours are organized on the peninsula of Kamchatka, where they are given the opportunity to jump with a parachute over active volcanoes. They say that during the jump you can feel warm from the steam emanating from the crater. After the flight, it is recommended to swim in hot springs in order to put the nerves in order.For flight, you need to purchase a license.

Photo: Skydiving

Lake Bia, Slovenia

A quiet beautiful lake surrounding the island of Pi in Slovenia is one of the most popular places for Skydiving throughout Europe due to picturesque species and easily accessibility.

Byron Bay, Australia

On the famous Australian beach, there is an opportunity to jump with a parachute by looking at the eastern point of Australia and the Lighthouse of Byron Bay. After flight, tourists are given four hours of training to surf.