Spanish television channel, Telecanal RTVE

Spanish TV channels list and overview

Do you love Spain, do you learn Spanish? Watch Spanish TV – combine interesting with useful! What are the most popular TV channels in Spain?

Spanish TV channels

Television of Spain, an overview of the main Spanish channels

What is modern Spanish television. Features TV Spain. What TV channels are there in Spain? Which ones are the most popular in Spain. And what do Spaniards watch on TV?

You can watch Spanish TV not only on TV while in Spain. Now we can watch online any channel in Spanish – on the Internet. Each Spanish TV channel has its own website, and in order to watch live, look for the inscription – EN DIRECTO.

Spanish State Television

Spanish television channel, Telecanal RTVETelevision Española (TVE) is the first public television company in Spain, founded in 1956, is an integral part of the RTVE television and radio company.

Spanish television channel tve 1La 1 – the main Spanish TV channel, changed its names and logos several times. The channel broadcasts popular Spanish and foreign films and series, entertainment shows on various topics. The channel broadcasts the oldest information program in Spain – Telediario.
Spanish television channel tve 2La 2 – the second channel is dedicated to culture and social events. The channel broadcasts Spanish and foreign documentaries, musical and theatrical TV programs, reports and discussions on issues of cultural and historical development.

Canal 24 Horas

Spanish television channel TV 24h

24h is a 24-hour news channel that began broadcasting in 1997 using satellite communications.

The broadcast network is divided into half-hour news blocks, covering international topics, events and social phenomena in Spain, culture, economy, sports. The blocks end with a weather forecast.

Spanish television channel TV Teledporteteledeporte – thematic sports channel. Spaniards traditionally like to watch national and international competitions in various sports.

Spanish television channel TV ClanClan – children's TV channel, which shows educational and informational programs for children. A significant part of the air time is occupied by cartoons.

Private TV companies in Spain

RTVE in Spain is in serious competition with private media companies. For many Spaniards, private TV channels are an alternative to the boring state television, the quality of which is increasingly being criticized. The most famous Spanish media holdings are Astermedia and Mediaset España.

The most popular TV channels in Spain

Antena 3

TV antena3

Watch Antena 3 TV channel online in Spanish:

Antena 3 is one of the first Spanish private TV channels, owned by Astermedia. Started broadcasting in 1990. In 1995, Antena 3 Internacional is created, broadcasting which has spread to most of Latin America.

Gained popularity with viewers by showing the original versions of many famous Spanish television series: There is no one alive (Aquí no hay quien viva), Ship, Black Lagoon, Physics or Chemistry and others.It was on this television channel that the American animated series “Simsons” was shown for the first time in Spain.

TV TelecincoWatch the Antena 3 online television channel in Spanish:

Telecinco is a Spanish television channel, belongs to Mediaset España. It was founded in 1990 as the association of Tele-5, in 1997 it is renamed “Telecinco”.

One of the major commercial Spanish television channels, along with Antena 3, and its main competitor for the title of the most watched television channel of Spain. Telecinco is a round-the-clock television channel of Spain, which shows films, series and sports programs, reality shows.

It shows the Spanish versions of the world -famous television shows, such as the musical project “La Voz” and “Voz Kids” (analogues of Russian Voice and Voice. Children) and “Supervivivientes” (Russian analogue – “Last Hero”). The channel broadcasts the most important international and national football matches, such as the World Cup, the King Cup.

Cuatro TV

TV CuatroSite

Cuatro TV channel belongs to the Grupo Prisa media group, which is also the owner of the El País newspaper and Digital+satellite platform. Cuatro and Telecinco finance merging is underway, this means that four NTC channels (Prisa Sogecable) will go to the management of Telecinco.

On the TV channel – news, sports, feature films, series, travels, an animal program, reality show, etc.

Thematic television channels

Canal Cocina

TV CocinaSite

Cocina TV channel is a trip to the culinary world. Spaniards love and know how to cook. And for us this is not only the opportunity to open the veil of Spanish cuisine, but also the opportunity to master vocabulary. The first dish, second dish, dessert …

Regional Spanish television

Spain is a country characterized by regional specifics, so regional television is very developed here. In each region of Spain there are one or even several local television channels. In any region, we can find out local news.

One of the first regional channels in the country was the Catalonia TV channel – TV 3 Catalunya. On the territory of the Basques of the TV channel – Telebilbao. There are their local television channels in all provinces, and in the metropolitan region there is a channel – Telemadrid.

Spanish television series

What do the Spaniards like to watch? Spaniards love to watch TV shows. Sitcomas, television wrecks and multi -part films of various genres – “regulars” of Spanish television. Spanish television series is a separate story. This will be a separate article.