Slavic Express traffic train

Slavic Express's corporate train (Moscow – Brest, Brest – Moscow).

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About the company train Slavic express

Slavic Express traffic train

Brand train Slavic express – a train running between Brest and Moscow under No. 3, 4 and No. 7, 8.

The average speed of the train is about 110 km/h, thanks to which it overcomes a distance of 750 km (between Minsk and Moscow) in 7.5 hours.


Since August 1, 2006, the Slavyansky Express traffic train began to run, along the route Moscow – Minsk. More than 44 thousand passengers were transported by the Slavic express for 6 months of its operation. A significant difference from the company train Belarus was an accelerated train traffic accelerated by 2.5 hours. This advantage was noted by numerous passengers. The train was quite popular. In those days, more than 6 thousand people passed in a month.

The train had its own logo in the form of a combination of two birds-symbols: the Belarusian stork and the Russian crane.

In connection with a decrease in passenger traffic, the Slavic Express traffic train in 2010 was temporarily canceled, and in 2011 it was again commissioned, but with a new route: Moscow – Brest – Moscow.

Passenger reviews

The train tickets are certainly expensive, but we did not have any other option. Although for such excellent conditions you can pay. The traffic is successful, they will be laid in a seasoned bed, in the morning they will feed a delicious breakfast – Yidili.

From the first minutes, the train struck with its purity and neatness. Bed linen was already covered, which turned out to be very helpful. A pleasant surprise was a free breakfast that is included in the fare.

Schedule of the Slavic Express company train

The final points of the route: the Belarusian station (Moscow) and the Brest-Central (Brest) train Slavic Express makes stops at 4 intermediate stations: Vyazma, Orsha-central, Minsk-Passenger and Baranavichy. The train makes the longest stop in Vyazma – 20 minutes. Distance of 1056 km. (Between Brest and Moscow) The train overcomes in 10 hours 30 minutes.

Moscow – Brest (No. 003, 007)

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