Railway station Ryazan-1

Railway station Ryazan-1. Train schedule 2022, phone, help, address, site, hotels nearby, how to get to

Ryazan-1 railway station, Ryazan-1 station. Directions and schedule of trains and electric trains, where to buy tickets, telephone, reference, hotels nearby, how to get. Photo, panorama

Railway station Ryazan-1

Railway station Ryazan-1

Ryazan-1 railway station is located in the northern part of the city, 800 meters-Lake Trubozh, Savlogosh, 2nd Borkovsky quarry and 3rd Borkovsky quarry. To the south, in a pair of quarters – the market and Victory Square.

The city has two railway stations-Ryazan-1 and Ryazan-2, many long-distance trains and trains pass through them daily. Ryazan-1 station was founded in 1864. In 1965, the old station building was expanded. In the early 2000s, a large-scale reconstruction was held there. Ryazan-2 station is not far (about 500 meters).

At your service – ticket offices, waiting room, reference rooms, storage rooms, ATMs, medical room, shops and cafes.

As for the ticket offices, they have time breaks in the operating mode – from 12:50 to 14:00, from 01:50 to 02:20, from 03:10 to 03:50. The station is open around the clock.

General view of the Ryazan-1 railway station on the Google Panorama

Schedule of railway tickets from the Ryazan-1 station in 2022

28-30 long-distance trains and 22–26 electric trains are sent from the Ryazan-1 station daily. The cross is big, agree. Yandex has an excellent service for you with a full schedule of composition.

Ryazan-1 train railway schedule

In order not to monitor sites in search of the exact schedule, just save this page in the tabs. Here is a schedule of trains from Ryazan.

Ryazan-1 train schedule from the Ryazan station

There are many trains, as, in fact, areas (read about them in the section below). Yandex electronic scoreboard will help you navigate the time of movement of the compositions.

Railway station Ryazan-1

Buy a ticket from the railway station Ryazan-1

Sales of tickets for long -distance trains 90 days before the date of departure will start. It is more profitable to buy them earlier, since the price can change in the larger direction. You can purchase tickets at the station, or you can online – on the Russian Railways website or on Tutu.ru.

Railway station Ryazan-1

Main directions

For a long time you decide and can not decide where to go on weekends, on vacation or on vacation? Then this section is exactly for you. We have collected here the most popular areas and all the necessary information on them.


From the demands in demand – the fastest you will, of course, will get to Moscow (only 2 hours 22 minutes). The longest trip by train from Ryazan-1-St. Petersburg (almost 14.5 hours).

17–20 trains are departed daily, including the branded Mordovia, South Ural, Zhiguli, Corporate Express and others. The speed composition will deliver you to the capital in 2 hours 22 minutes.

5-6 trains go to Samara daily (there are branded ones – “South Urals”, “Samara”, “Lada” and a two -story composition).In 10 hours 3 minutes, the Zhiguli train will bring you to Samara.

Train number 107th runs to the Northern capital. Flights are not executed every day (check the graph by the link above). On the way you will spend 14 hours 35 minutes.

To Penza, 1-2 trains go daily, including the branded Samara and Sura. By the way, the latter will deliver you to Penza in just 7 hours 53 minutes.

Railway station Ryazan-1

Electric trains

There are a lot of trains and they run often. The main directions are given with links to the schedule and route.

Railway station Ryazan-1


By calling 8 (800) 775-00-00 you can ask specialists of the Unified Information Center of Russian Railways issues related to railway transport and the work of the station.

You can also personally apply for help in the reference service posted in the station building (as a rule, it is on the ground floor).

Railway station Ryazan-1

How to get to the railway station Ryazan-1

26a Street Street-the address of the Ryazan-1 railway station. The most budgetary option is public transport. Read about how on minibuses, buses and trolleybuses to get from two bus stations and airport to the railway station, read below.

From bus stations

The large stop of public transport, the closest to the Ryazan-1 station, through which buses and minibuses often run, is Victory Square. To it, buses No. 4, 15, 18, trolleybuses No. 1, 8, 9, 10, 16, 17, minibuses No. 41M2, 47M2, 50M2, 53M2, 66M2, 68M2, 68M2, go from the central bus station. From the stop Victory Square, you need to climb up the small highway towards the street station (about 400 meters). The total distance between the central bus station and the railway station is 5.3 kilometers.

From the Prioksky bus station to the Victory Square stops, bus No. 18 walks. Then you need to go along the small highway to the station. From the Prioksky bus station to the station – 4.1 kilometers.

From the airport

From the airport to the nearest stop Village Protasovo – 1.5 kilometers. You can, of course, overcome this distance on foot, or you can catch a passage. From the stop to the Prioksky station, buses No. 102, 160 and 160a run. You need to go out at the stop Bus Station Prioksky. From it to the stop “Victory Square”, bus No. 18 walks. From the square you need to climb the small highway about 400 meters towards the station. The total distance from the airport to the Ryazan-1 station is 13.2 kilometers.

If you order a taxi (for example, Yandex. Taxi), then the road will take about 25 minutes.

From the railway station Ryazan-2

Between the two stations, the distance is not very large – about 1.3 kilometers. From the Ryazan-1 station to the Ryazan-2 station, trolleybus No. 2. The road will take no more than 5 minutes. You need to go out at the Ryazan-2 stop.


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