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Private guide in Athens

Since 1996, he worked as a translator and guide, however, without a license. In 1999, he received a state license to conduct excursions in English and Russian throughout Greece. The guide is my favorite profession.

Private guide in Athens

Private Guide in Athens – Ephitimios Staras

Dear friends, visit Hellas! The country of the gods, legends, myths, heroes, saints, temples, churches, mountains, islands, the sun and sea. The Great Sun will warm you. The warm blue sea envelops. Many years of experience, qualifications, will allow me to contribute to your knowledge of Hellas (Greece).

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Private guide in Kerkir – George

I spend group and individual excursions (VIP). I really love my profession that I continue to work with great interest to this day. I will be glad to show you the island through the eyes of a local resident and tell you everything that I consider important historical or with regard to the most interesting moments from the life of the island. An individual approach to each tourist.

Private guides in Greece


Additionally about Greece:

Greece is a recognized cradle of European civilization, cliche, but it expresses the truth. Athens, Corinth and Sparta, not just myths, but the magnificent cities that achieved dominance in 700 BC, and left their descendants to the immortal works of architecture, sculpture, drama and literature. Residents of this land, were great philosophers, artists and athletes. In today's Greece, the monasteries seem to be part of the rocks, three -hour siests are in the order of things, and the dancing on the tables are real rituals.

Greek landscapes are powerful mountain ranges, paradise islands, emerald olive plantations, gold solar beaches and all this uniquely contrasts with the endless water expanses of the seas that washed it. Picturesque villages, isolated bays, gigantic ruins will satisfy the most demanding travelers.

Start your journey by acquaintance with Athens, the old capital of Hellas. Start with Acropolis, where from the 5th century Parthenon admires everyone, then take a walk to Agora, the former political and commercial center of Athens. Do not miss the archaeological museum, which attracts with its marble statues, jewelry and ceramics. After the capital, discover the delfs. This pagan religious complex, located in a charming place and includes temples, theater and stadium. Visit the former city-state Corinth, once famous for wealth, elegance, immorality and cult orgies. You can walk along the Olympic highway to Mount Olympus, where the Olympic Games were born, and go to the local Archeology Museum and the Olympiad Museum. The city of Thessaloniki cannot be missed, in which there is an amazing museum of archeology, with its ancient marble statues and gold Macedonia.Men will be interested in visiting Mount Athos, where an autonomous monastic state has found refuge, which has 20 monasteries and 1700 monks. Women are not allowed to enter. For those who love nightlife, there is Mykonos. This is a real expanse of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and several luxury hotels off the coast. And for lovers of music and theater, folk music festivals and performances of classical Greek drama are organized in the Epidaurus amphitheater. Dive deep into Greek waters along the coasts of Attica, Corfu, Kalamata, Kalymnos, Preveza, Skiathos and Zakynthos. Here you will find training centers and you can rent equipment. And finally, about the beaches. There are many of them in Greece and they are magnificent. Their diversity is striking: from the elite in Lalaria to the wild ones in Skiathos and for nudists in Naxos.

Another attraction of Greece is its people. Hospitable, hospitable, cheerful and musical. And if you feel sad or you are tired, chat with him, and be sure, everything will be removed as if by hand.

Travel agency in Crete

Travel Agency in Crete – Gennadios

Moysidis Travel is an official member of Fedhatta – Federation of Greek Travel and Tourism Associations. Specializations: group excursions, individual excursions, meeting at the airport, transfer, ticket booking, hotel booking, escort at business meetings, escort at exhibitions and conferences, car rental, organization of conferences

Private guide in Larissa

Private guide in Larissa – Alexander

You will have a unique opportunity to see Greece from the inside, not the way local Greeks see it, not the way foreigners see it, but the way our compatriots who have been living among the Greeks for decades see it from the inside.

Private guide in Crete

Private guide in Crete – Andrey Oksenenko

After my studies, I had another love – this is Greece! The Greeks are very different from the Slavs, but deep down you feel the unity of nations. I suggest visiting the historical places of Crete. On which I have been living for several years, having moved to this paradise from Athens. Crete is an amazing combination of magnificent nature with great history. If you wish, you can combine the tour with swimming in the sea in cozy bays, where you can dine in fish taverns, where tourist buses do not call, but the Cretans themselves eat. I will show you the island of Crete through the eyes of a local resident.

Private guide in Santorini

Private guide in Santorini – Vladimir

Dear friends! Welcome to Greece, to the beautiful island of Santorini. Let me introduce myself. My name is Vladimir. I have been living on the island of Santorini since 1995. I would like to share with you my love for this unique island.

Private guide in Crete – Georgis HadjiGeorgis

Hatzigiorgis Georgis Mikhailovich is a guide-interpreter licensed throughout Greece. Born in 1971 in Heraklion, Crete, Hellas. In 1989 he graduated from high school, in 1990 he left for the USSR.

Private guide in Athens

Athens Private Guide – Lydia

I will be glad to give you excursions in Athens, in continental and insular Greece. Organize cultural and pilgrimage programs, as well as programs specializing in excursions for children.

Private guide in Crete – Maurice

I offer private guide services in Crete. If you are inquisitive and you are interested in emotional, vibrant excursions, I will be happy to offer you my services as a professional guide. I offer individual standard excursion programs.

Private guide in Corfu – Natalia Voronova

You can get acquainted in detail with our tour programs on the island of Corfu, where there are sights and shrines, without which it is impossible to imagine the capital of the Ionian Islands, the greenest island in Greece.

Private guide in Crete

Private guide in Crete – Nectarios Paterakis

Modern Crete is an ideal place to combine the beautiful with the useful. Crystal clear sea with quiet bays, pebbles and silky sand, which only on the west coast has a pink coral hue. Only here you will see so much greenery, an endless sea of ​​olive groves.

Private guide in Crete – Nikos Angelides

Hello ! My name is Nikos Angelides. I live on the beautiful island of Crete and offer exclusive trips around the island from 2 to 9 people. My suggestion is for people who don't like to depend on a schedule, who don't like to jostling in a crowd, listening to stereotyped excursions into a microphone and being like everyone else. I work for those who are used to taking everything from life and want to spend their holidays in comfort.