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The Philadelphia 76s will host the Atlanta Hawks in the 2021-22 NBA regular season game.

Philadelphia – Atlanta: prediction and bet. The Hawks will fail the start of the game


The Philadelphia 76s will host the Atlanta Hawks in the 2021-22 NBA regular season game.

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The Sixers are one of the teams that have been affected by the covid. Even one match was postponed with their participation, but the main leader of the team, Joel Embiid, had been ill earlier and is now trying to pull the team forward. In the last game on the road, “76ers” thanks to Embiid's 41 points managed to break the resistance of “Boston”, but at home things are not the best way. Philadelphia have won just twice in their last 8 games, beating Orlando and Golden State. Now is just a great moment to improve the situation with home results, especially since far from all the key players in the covid protocol. Tobias Harris will appear on the floor. Seth Curry will also play. It should be noted that the “76ers”, despite the unsuccessful last matches at home, still have a good start in all games, having won 13 home matches in the first 9 quarters.


The hawks have very heavy losses. In fact, Collins and Reddish remained in the ranks of the leading performers, if they can be called leaders at all. Trae Young and a company of starting artists are not yet available to play. With such losses, it is not surprising that “Atlanta” lost at home, “Orlando”, and before that the match with “Cleveland” was canceled. On the road, the Hawks won the last five matches, but then the composition was completely different. Now the advantage is clearly on the side of “Philadelphia”.


My preferences are on the side of the 76s, but the handicap is offered (-9). I don’t usually play such odds, but the option with a victory in the first quarter, where Atlanta won the last four times on the road and the series is clearly time to end with such a weak line-up, this is an interesting option. Note that in only one of the nine victorious first quarters at home, “Philadelphia” had a difference of less than 3 points. It is with such a handicap that you can take the victory of the “Sixers” in the 1st quarter.

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