Motorcane Ural-4320 Ivanovets KS-45717

Review of the technical characteristics and work indicators of the Ural-4320 auto crane Ivanovets KS-45717

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Motorcane Ural-4320 Ivanovets KS-45717

The Auto Kran Ivanovets KS-45717-1 is made on the Ural-4320 chassis, which has high patency and maneuverability.

Autocrack Ivanovets KS-45717-1 on the basis of the Ural-4320 chassis is available in two versions-a carrying capacity of 25 tons for working with conventional loads and 20 tons for working with poisonous and explosive loads.

The drive of the Auto Cranes Ural -4320 – from the hydraulic pump driven by the chassis engine.

The hydraulic drive provides the lightness and ease of control of the tap, the smoothness of the mechanisms, the wide range of operating speeds, the combination of crane operations.

The arrow of the car crane Ivanovets KS-45717-1 is a telescopic three-section.

Mending sections – hydraulic cylinder and polyspaps. To increase the infantry space, a light lattice extension of the arrow (icons) is supplied for a special order.

Features of a car crane based on Ural-4320 with a carrying capacity of 25 tons

Increased maneuverability, cross-country ability and resistance due to small dimensions, weight and design features of the layout due to the use of an all-wheel drive mass-produced Ural-4320 chassis and a compact three-section arrow.

The use of a simple and reliable scheme for blocking the rear chassis of the chassis that eliminates the side swaying of the auto crane when driving on turns and an uneven road;

An extended area of ​​work with cargo up to 290 ° instead of the usual at 230 ° … 240 °;

The high strength and rigidity of the support frame of the car crane Ivanovets KS-45717 based on the Ural-4320 due to the use of high-strength material in the beams of the supports and the original design of the frame itself, which allows you to have a maximum cargo moment up to 80 TMs up to 4 meters, while at the same time change in working departure from the calculated slightly;

Carried to the arrow and an easily mounted extension cord significantly expands the capabilities of the crane (delivered by a separate order);

The simplicity and convenience of the operation to remove and install the spare wheel of the car crane Ivanovets KS-45717 based on the Ural-4320 due to the special design of the lifting and lowering mechanism, which allows, without the use of additional tools and interference, lowering (or lifting) the spare wheel to the level of the ground with the right ( in the direction of movement) the sides without the use of lifting tools;

High reliability, ease of maintenance are ensured by the use of components and materials of imported production.

Technical characteristics of the autocrane Urals KS-45717-1 Ivanovets

Characteristics of the crane installation KS-45717-1 Ivanovets

Departure at maximum carrying capacity, m. – 3.20

Arrows departure, m.- 2.00-19.70

The height of the rise is maximum, m. – 21.30

Lifting height at maximum departure, m. – 8.00

Freight, TM. – 75

The carrying capacity of the car crane Ivanovets KS-45717 based on Ural-4320, t.-25

Arrow length, m. 9-21

The number of hydraulic pumps – 1

The number of sections is 3

The speed of lifting the delivery of cargo is up to 4.5t, m/min 13.6

Cargo landing speed, (with 8 multiple stockpile) m/min 0.2

Rotation frequency of the rotary part, rpm 0.2

The running data of the car crane Ivanovtsa KS-45717 on the basis of Ural-4320

Basic chassis-Ural-4320-1958-40

Wheel formula – 6×6

Full weight of the car, kg. – 22 400

Maximum speed, km/h – 60

Fuel tank capacity, l. – 300

Autorana engine Ivanovets KS-45717 on the basis of Ural-4320

Model-YAMZ-236NO2 diesel, four-stroke, six-cylinder, with direct fuel gap, V-shaped, complies with the Euro-2 standard.

Working volume, l. – 11,15

Nominal power at 2100 1/min, kW (L.S.) – 169 (230).

Maximum torque at 1100-1300 min-1,-882 (90)

Brake system of the car crane Ural Ivanovets KS-45717

Working brake system – drum type with pneumatic hydraulic drive.

Auxiliary brake system – motor -type brake, compression, compression, is installed in the gas production system.

The parking brake system is a drum -type brake mechanism, installed on the output shaft of the distribution box.

Electrical equipment of the autocrane Ivanovets KS-45717 on the basis of Ural-4320

The electrical system is one -wire, with a rated voltage of 24V.

Battery – 2 pcs., Capacity of 190 a/h each.

The generator is alternating current, power of 1000 watts, works together with a contactless voltage regulator.