Mehi Tsarikaev: My soul remained in football

Mehi Tsarikaev: "My soul remained in football"

Head coach of the national team of the Republic of Tinger, President of the Regional Federation of Little Sports, International Class Sports Moehi Mahikaev in weight

Mehi Tsarikaev: My soul remained in football

Mehi Tsarikaev: My soul remained in football

– This year, the Russian Light Sports Championship was divided into European and Asian zones. The selection for the competition was held in parallel. We went through the qualifying competitions in Pskov in advance. The task was to get to the championship, while we did not aim to show our maximum by the number of lifting weights. We decided to save strength for the championship itself in order to show high results on it. The rivals of our Alexander Evdokimov in Russia are eminent weightlifies, record holders and existing champions of Europe and the world, international masters of sports, two honored masters of sports of Russia. Therefore, we knew in advance that we could count on third place, although the second could take the second. It was not enough just a little bit, 5-7 points to second place. The first place was taken by Ivan Markov, playing for Peter. A very strong athlete, the absolute world and European champion. We cannot get around it yet. But I am pleased that Alexander Evdokimov showed a very good result.

– How long has Alexander training? And how did he get to your team?

– I attracted him from boxing, in which he was five minutes of sports without five minutes. He fulfilled the standard, but something happened to the documents, and the title was not awarded him. It was a good boxer, but I saw in him the qualities that I needed. He talked with him, offered to try himself in weighty sports and reach a higher level than in boxing.

Evdokimov has been engaged in gyrev sports for three years. The norm of the master of sports completed a year ago. After a year of training, he was injured by the brush and did not train for six months. We have lost one season. Otherwise, they could have performed a year earlier in Russia and fulfill the standard of master of sports.

Alexander is from the Kurgan region, but with his wife he lives in Ossetia and trains here. In September, he will be 31 years old. The family is very sports. His wife is also engaged in gyrev sports. Catherine 30 years old. She studied for a year, then went on maternity leave and now started training again. In April, at the championship of the republic, she fulfilled the standard of a candidate for master of sports. We strive for higher results.

– Does the body sport affect the physique?

– We have no pumped athletes in weight sports, despite the fact that this is work with weight. Many confuse our sport with a barbell and bodybuilding. The difference is that in these types, one -time force is applied when lifting a large weight. And we have the work of flocks – you stand for ten minutes and raise a shell. Therefore, large muscles here will not work for a long time.

– Who else is engaged in your athletes?

– I train several masters of sports and a large group of candidates for masters of sports. Two

athletes, whom I planned to put up at the qualifying tournament for the Russian Championship, could not take part in it for their own reasons. Sergei Lukyanenko from Krasnodar, who has been training with me for four years, was injured. And Dmitry Zhdanov from the Kirov region went on a business trip for a long time and was not ready for the performance.

– That is, the republic is represented by guys from other regions. What is it connected with?

– Our guys don't want to train. Therefore, if one of the promising out-of-town guys expresses a desire to train and represent Ossetia, we will not refuse them.

– People come to kettlebell lifting in different ways. Do you have more beginners or experienced athletes?

– Many athletes start purely with kettlebell lifting, without having a sports career in other sports behind them. Someone saw how kettlebell lifters are doing and also decided to try themselves, someone watched the championship of the republic, and so wanted to come to this sport, other guys did it for themselves, then decided to train more professionally. In different ways they find themselves in kettlebell lifting.

– How many coaches and athletes in kettlebell lifting are there in the republic?

– Since 2005, five coaches have officially worked in the republic. But three years ago, our training groups were changed according to age. More children are being recruited. Of these groups, only one adult remained with me. Four coaches have been working with children for three years, so while there is no high level to participate in all-Russian tournaments, the pupils perform only at the republican level. On average, over 50 children are involved, and I have over twenty adult athletes. Trainings and trips are free, and equipment too. Anyone can join us, without age restrictions, and train without financial costs.

Of the five coaches, the master of sports Irlan Tsarakov works stably in the Ardon region, he has good guys. The rest of the coaches change frequently. We give two years to see the level of work of the coach. If the coach does not pull, then we transfer this unit to another district or give it to another coach. Therefore, there is no stability in athletes.

Today there are sections in Digor, Ardon, Dur-Dur and Mozdok. By the way, Evdokimov was appointed as a children's coach in Mozdok.

– Who finances your trips?

– We are a branch of the All-Russian Federation of kettlebell lifting. Our Federation has the status of a public organization without the formation of a legal entity, and therefore without any income from its activities. Our work is financed by the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports of North Ossetia-Alania, and the work of coaches too.

What goals do you set for your students?

– First of all, to achieve personal results. Each child who comes to the gym should strive to fulfill the standard of the master of sports. If an athlete pulls, then for him the goals are higher –

To enter the international level, like Evdokimov, to fulfill the masters of sports of international class. To do this, you need two conditions – fulfill the standard and take a prize. We are very glad that we have been selected for Europe, where all this can be done. I hope that until May next year, when the European Championship will be held, we will prepare properly.

– How many masters of sports do you have, and what are the standards for them?

– I have seven masters of sports. Evdokimov, as I said, works very close to the norm of the master of sports of the international class. Each weight has its own standards. It appears in the absolute weight category – over 85 kg. For masters of sports in the amount of the bippers in his weight, the standard is 190 lifting, and for international masters of sports – 246 lifts. This is a very high result, because it is very difficult to score from the level of the master and above, since the time is limited. In the biathlon, this is a push and a jerk that is executed for 10 minutes. First, the “push” exercise is performed – two weights of 32 kg rise for 10 minutes. Then a break is given for 20 minutes. And for the second exercise – “jerk” – 10 minutes are also given. It is done with one hand. One change of hands is allowed here.

– Is there a certain technique in weight sports?

– Our sport on power endurance. Of course, there is a technique, especially in the exercise “jerk” the technique is very thin. If even two or three lifts in ten seconds the athlete makes it wrong, then spend a lot of effort and time. We have all ten minutes each participant works like a robot, exactly and evenly. Each impetus calculates a second per second. Breathing is controlled. During the preparation, everything is calculated to the smallest detail. In fact, this is a very long and difficult job. An individual approach is applied to each participant. It all depends on the parameters of the athlete. All workouts at the level of master of sports are carried out according to plan, all details are taken into account.

– What is the most optimal age in weight sports?

– This is such a sport that if you take all titled athletes in weight categories, then more than half of the age in 35 years. Leaders, and there are 3-4 of them, under forty years. This sport allows you to linger for up to forty years. There are strong and young guys. Age here does not have a decisive value. Our appearance is good because you can come after 30 and fulfill the standard of the master of sports. The plus is that it does not require special halls, simulators, equipment. Enough shoes, shorts and weights. You can do it even in the office, in the yard, on the balcony … The inventory does not deteriorate.

– Has the weights did not change from the Soviet era when physical exercises with them were very popular. Probably, there was no family where men would not have pulled weights. Even in the films of that time you can see such moments.

– You asked a very good question. The fact is that the All-Russian Federation of weight sports establishes some specific standards for inventory.In 2010, the Ural weights were set as standards, with which we held all competitions. They are not cheap, but comfortable. We saved up money and literally at the beginning of the year bought a batch of such weights in order to hold the championship of the republic according to the standard. Two months ago we were informed that other standards were set – these are kettlebells with a larger darling. This is less convenient for athletes, but we have no choice but to retrain for them. It takes two years to get used to them. This is done for commercial purposes, in order for the projectile to be bought. After all, weights do not wear out, you can work with them at least your entire career. The federation also needs to earn money. One weight of 32 kg costs about ten thousand rubles. For competitions, six sets are needed – 12 kettlebells in each of the five weight categories. This is ideal. So far, we have taken about half of the necessary equipment so that the athletes get used to training. Slowly we will acquire the rest.

– EUdo you have sponsors?

– While we get out by the means. To have a sponsor, you need to show results. The sponsor also does not want to go out of the blue. There is every chance at the European Championship to show the result. After that, you can already say something. The first two numbers of Russia will go to the World Cup, and Evdokimov in Europe will have no competitors from Russia. The main thing is that everything is in order with health.

– With whom do you compete on the world stage?

– There are a lot of countries participating in the World Cup. In 2012, I myself performed in Tyumen, where representatives of 22 countries competed. Now about 35 countries are performing on the world stage. The geography is noticeably expanding. But all the same, the main competitors are the CIS countries – Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and also Italy. There are no such stable ones as the Russians yet. First places are taken in each weight category. But if we talk about the dynamics of the development of kettlebell lifting on the world stage, then ten years ago there was a big gap between Russia and other countries. Now the competitors are coming close. In the world and Europe, kettlebell lifting is developing rapidly, despite its youth. If kettlebell lifting has existed in Russia since the 70s, then in the world it has begun to actively progress over the past ten years.

– In connection with what such interest?

– This sport has a beneficial effect on overall physical functionality, both strength and endurance are developed. In America, this sport began to be developed for medicinal purposes. Exercises are used for osteochondrosis and other problems with the spine. With these types of diseases, doctors recommend pumping your back with a kettlebell. This is such a projectile with which it is most convenient to do the exercise: you take a light weight and just do inclinations. The blood flow goes to the muscles of the back, and this is very useful.

– How much weight does a professional athlete lose in a competition?

– For one performance, the athlete loses two kilograms. It takes ten minutes to lift more than ten tons.For comparison: there is a standard for loading KAMAZ in a career, for which the excavator is given by the class of master. Within ten minutes it should load KamAZ with a large career excavator by ten tons. And we have a person who weighs about 70 kg raises up to 15 tons in ten minutes. Imagine, by volume of loads, a person works as a career excavator.

– In what form are you yourself now?

– I myself am a protruding coach among professionals. As he came in 2000, he performed stably. Six months later, since the start of training, he fulfilled the standard of the master of sports of the international class, even exceeded it in 2004. Won the district championship in Rostov in its weight. Two lifts were not enough to beat the world record, time was released. This year I was persecuted, I was not engaged in.

He came from professional football in license plate, studied up to 20 years. In 1995, they won the world championship among young men. My soul remained in football.

– Probably, Euro 2021 looked with great interest?

– Certainly! He predicted that the finalists will be England and Belgium. The Germans upset me. I have been rooting for the German national team since the beginning of the 90s. This team has all the qualities to win. But even at the last world championship, when they did not leave the group, and now they played in the euro so that they were not like the German national team. Since the 90s, all matches can be viewed, it has not been anywhere that the Germans were pulling time or playing in defense. The first half with the British they did not play at all. As if they were instructed to lose. I am sure of the game 99 percent that they gave the match. This is a big sport and everything is possible. Even losing 0: 1, they were in no hurry to win back. From the middle of the field they returned to their half when no one had pressure them. They could go forward, but did not go. Knowing the qualities of the players and the score of the game, this leads to suspicion. And there are questions in composition …

– In the sports world, a new major event is the Olympic Games in Tokyo. What can be expected from Ossetian Olympians?

– At least two gold medals. I think they will be taken by wrestlers. But other athletes have every chance to enter the winners. I wish you success to all our guys, doubly Timur Naniev, who is the only one representing Russia.

– Thanks. I join the wishes. We will wait for the guys with medals!