MAOU gymnasium No. 16 b

New address of the site: date of creation – 10/27/2002 the founder – Department of Education of the Administration of the city of Tyumen. Address – 625013 Tyumen, Parfyonova street,

New address of the site:

date of creation – 10/27/2002
Founder – Department of Education of the Administration of the city of Tyumen.
The address – 625013 Tyumen, Parfyonova street, 19
School website –
Email[email protected]
Contact phone numbers – 8(3452) 21-54-56 (21-52-87)
The gymnasium was founded in 1964 in the city of Tyumen. In 2009, the gymnasium building was demolished in connection with its emergency condition. In September 2015, the new modern gymnasium building opened its doors for 1112 students in grades 39 – sets on the first shift.
The school building is located at the address: Tyumen, Parfyonova Street, 19.
The head of the institution: Filippi Natalya Alexandrovna.
Construction was carried out: Tyumenstroyproekt LLC, General Director Yelpin Sergey Alexandrovich.
General information about the object:
Design capacity – 1100 people. The area of ​​the school building is 22 503.0 thousand square meters, including the sports complex – 3 thousand square meters. The educational institution is equipped with pedagogical personnel. The total number of teachers is 60 people.
The gymnasium implements specialized training from grade 7: physical and mathematical, naturally scientific, humanitarian. In the afternoon, the Center for additional education works: theater studio, music school, choreography, KVN school, animated studio, visual studio, television studio, school radio, photo studio, journalism, robotics, sports games, pankration, etc. From the moment of foundation and to this The day, the gymnasium implements the basic principles of classical Russian education and solves 2 main tasks: preparing a student for admission to a higher educational institution and education of a harmoniously developed personality. If you want your child to grow up with a whole, comprehensively developed personality, the gymnasium awaits you! In the walls of our gymnasium, children discover linguistic abilities, learn to understand the nature of things, visit sports, creative, scientific sections and become more open, sociable and independent. Throughing the genius of our children, we act based on their individual abilities, needs and interests. The school involves the high -quality and comprehensive development of the student’s personality. An individual approach to each student consists of an attentive attitude to his mental, physical and spiritual health, the possibility of additional classes in the chosen profile, careful preparation for passing a unified state exam and assistance in career guidance – it is important 3-4 years before entering the university to introduce the future a graduate with existing professions, areas of human activity.

The educational process is built in accordance with the annual academic calendar.

Working mode: the gymnasium operates in the mode of a 5-day academic week. Classes are held in one shift: the beginning of classes – 8.00 The academic year is built in quarters (grades 1-9) and semesters (grades 10-11). Opening hours: from 8.00 to 17.00

Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

Department of Education
administration of the city of Tyumen

Federal state educational standards

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Youth portal of the Tyumen region

Commissioner for Children's Rights in the Tyumen Region: Stepanov Andrey Eduardovich.
Tel. hotline: 8(3452)556707
Reception (fax): 8(3452)556709
e-mail: [email protected]

Work began in the Tyumen region child welfare inspectors. Inspector for the protection of children in the gymnasium: Romanova Gulnara Anatolievna.
tel. 8-904-873-41-46
e-mail: [email protected]

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