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Moscow sports observer 24 Timur Fehretdinov – how English Chelsea became the winner of the club championship of the world

How London Chelsea won the final of the Club Championship of the World football

In the midst of the Winter Olympiad – especially when all the attention is focused on our skater Kamile Valieva – it is easy to forget about the existence of other sports. Meanwhile, on Saturday in football, one of the key matches of the year was held – the final of the club championship of the world (KCM).

Of course, the tournament itself raises questions for a long time-after all, interest in it is still not as great as in local continental tournaments: the UEFA and the AFK Champions League or the Libertadores Cup. But the International Football Federation (FIFA) is trying to fix it. Judging by the fact that the 42,000th stadium Mohammed bin Zaed in Abu Dhabi on the day of the final of the KCM was scored to the eyeballs, she succeeds.

In the decisive match of the tournament, the winner of the Champions League UEFA London Chelsea and the owner of the Libertadores Cup Palmeiras from the Brazilian San Paulo met. In the first half, the gates of the teams remained dry. The British, with the help of long casts, tried to confuse the defense of the Brazilian team, and Palmeirah players from afar pounded on the goal of Eduar Mendi. But this was absolutely non -hazardous and inappropriate.

However, not even ten minutes passed, the Brazilians equalized the score. The Londoners themselves helped them in this. Thiago Silva, in a martial art with the player of Palmeiras, played his hand with a gouxy with a gomewo. The chief referee went to watch a video recovery, after which he pointed to the point. Rafael Weiga easily realized the eleven -meter, diluting the goalkeeper and the ball in different corners.

“Chelsea” was close to the end of the main time to go forward again: in the 74th minute, the British dispersed a good counterattack, Lukaku threw himself under the blow of Christian Pulishech, but the American striker struck next to the bar. As a result, the match smoothly flowed into extra time.

The first extra-Time was not remembered by anything interesting. And in the middle of the second it began to seem that a series of eleven meters would be a little more. But it wasn’t there-we really saw the penalty, but only one and performed by Chelsea.

Photo: AP Photo/Hassan Ammar

In the 113th minute, the Londoners organized an attack, which ended with the blow of Sesar Aspilicuet. The Spaniard’s shot was blocked by the defender of Palmeirah, Luan Garcia Teisher, but the “blue” immediately appealed to the referee that the Brazilian football player played with his hand. The judge went to look at a repetition and, as a result, decided that Luan in this episode really violated the rules. Kai Haverts went to beat the penalty – and struck for sure, without a chance for the goalkeeper, putting a bold point in the final match.

Naturally, Palmeiras tried to rectify the situation in the remaining minutes, but it was useless. Moreover, in the end, the Brazilians were completely ten.Having missed a dangerous counterattack, the defense of Palmeiras made it possible to run the Havertsa almost one on one with the goalkeeper. Teyser, who no longer kept up with the German midfielder, was forced to rush into the side deposit in front of the penalty line. He stopped Havertsa, but with a gross violation – for the foul of the last hope, the referee, after watching Var, showed the defender a direct red card. Having a numerical advantage, Chelsea brought the match to victory without any problems.

Since then, the KCM eight times (not counting the current attempt by Chelsea) only European teams won. Most of all, it managed to do with Real Madrid, which is currently considered the most titled tournament club. The English team last won the KCM in 2019 – then Liverpool in the final in extra time with a minimum score was beaten by the Brazilian club Flmengo.