Interview with a professional boxer of the beginning of Chambaldoo

Interview with a professional boxer of the beginning of Chambaldoo

Interview with a professional boxer of the beginning of Chambaldoo

Interview with a professional boxer of the beginning of Chambaldoo 28.12.2021 00:30

The beginning is a famous boxer among athletes of the Republic of Tuva. With the recent past, he decided to go to professionals and today with great perseverance and confidence goes along the chosen path. In Moscow, December 24, the boxer won the 5th victory.

The Nachyn shared with us the history of his sporting undertakings, and also emphasized his special attitude and devotion to the Motherland.


I will train So, to none not Touched mine heads.


When did you start playing sports, and why did you eventually choose boxing?

-I was born and raised in the village of Sug-Bazhi, Kaa-Khamsky district. The village is small and there was nothing to do. From sections: Volleyball on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Boxing on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays. So I walked every day alternating.

It all started with the competition. According to volleyball, they were carried out only inside the district, and on boxing I traveled to Kyzyl, Ak-Dovora, Erzin, that is, it was more interesting. When I went to the first boxing tournament, I lost, and the guy from my village won my weight. I then thought: “Wow, which helped him win,” and began to walk, try to walk even more often. So carried away. In general, we have more than ten masters of sports of Russia in the village of one coach Gennady in the village. I don’t know how he did it, but we did not even have boxing bags even a separate hall for boxing, training took place in the school sports hall.

BUT then was Club sports martial arts?

– Yes, from the sixth to the ninth grade he lived, studied, studied at the club of sports martial arts in Kyzyl, I was called by the coach Spartak Lopsane. Then he went to study and train in Novosibirsk.

– What was the main impetus for professional sports?

– In 2020 there was a turning point. We were preparing for the Russian Cup, but on the last day before the competition we announced quarantine. At first we waited a week, then a month, two, three. And during this time I thought that quarantine may not end. Sitting wrong. We must somehow get settled and work, there is a diploma, a military ID, too.

I worked one month or two, I realized that this is not mine. Then I thought. We have many in Tovy many success in Olympic boxing, there are champions of Russia. But there is no professional. So it is necessary to achieve something there, I was ready to try very hard.



I want to express my gratitude to the chairman of the artel of the Oyna prospectors to Oleg Viktorovich Dudko for a huge contribution to the development of my craft, my professional career. I appreciate this support and the opportunity to jointly delight lovers of sports and, of course, my people!

Professional boxing Invalued.

– Yes, my uncle gave me a month to think about everything, said that my family needed healthy.I know the risks-you can get a head injury. But after thoughts, I came to the opinion that yes, it is possible, but I am not going there to be beaten and dropped. I will train so that no one touches my head.

Tell pro first experience, first the battle.

– Then I got an experienced opponent. We had to box in the third pair, that is, our exit is planned for six hours. I ate in three hours, by five began a warm -up, by six I was ready. And the opponent arrived at the half of the sixth, and we had to miss the line. In the ring I went to the half of the ninth – hungry, lethargic, I could not even clench my fists, gather. As a result, I did not have time to wake up, and the battle was already over.

Now we are concluding a contract. If you were late for at least a minute, then a fine. Everything should be in time. Professional sport, initially not sport, but business. Everyone is trying to spin and get out in any way. And letting people do not business.

What For you personally, it means boxing?

– For me, this is, first of all, the opportunity to be what I want. Because through boxing you can achieve a name in order to use this name correctly – motivate and educate the young.

I don’t care who lives in Tuva. I go a lot where I go and hear how they say a continuous negative. The stereotypes walks enough. People see only what they show them, and when you say that this is a colorful place in which there are many athletes, many talents – they do not listen or do not hear. They did not see the other side, and I want to give the opposite.