Flower arrangement in a wooden box

How to care for flowers in flower arrangements: cardboard boxes, baskets and decorative boxes?

How to extend the life of a flower arrangement? What do you need to know about the features of flowing flowers in a hat or basket? We will tell you about the basic rules and reveal small secrets.

How to care for flowers in flower arrangements: cardboard boxes, baskets and decorative boxes?

I always want the flower arrangement donated to others or bought for myself for as long as possible, supporting the unique atmosphere of the holiday, decorating and ennoble the interior of the house. In order to significantly extend her life, it will take only a few minutes of your time a day and very little efforts.

Flower arrangement in a wooden box

A delicate composition in stylish design gives a whole sea of ​​joy and requires only a drop of attention and care

The main difference between the floral arrangement, whether it is in a basket, box or cardboard box, from a bouquet of cut flowers, that in our case, flowers are placed in a special floristic sponge hidden at the bottom of the container. The sponge contains a special solution that protects flowers from wilting for a long time. In order to increase this time several times, it is enough to understand the general principles of color care and follow several simple tips.

Princess on. Floristic sponge

Flowers, like the notorious princess from Andersen's fairy tale, are sensitive to numerous stimuli, some of which are behind the threshold of human perception. Anything can turn out to be a “pea” for them: bananas on a fruit plate nearby, a small draft, “techno-music” of household appliances.

  • Do not put flowers next to batteries and any other heat sources. At night, it is better to place them in a cool place – but remember that flowers can be taken out on the balcony only in the warm season.
  • Direct sunlight also affects flowers not in the best way.
  • If there are roses in the bouquet, if possible, you should avoid loud sounds. These delicate creatures cannot stand them and fade much faster in the noisy atmosphere. Put the composition of roses in the quietest room of your house.
  • The combination of colors and fruits, for example on a festive table, often looks very harmonious. But, unfortunately, fruits distinguish ethylene, which contributes to premature withering of colors. Therefore, do not let this “secret enemies” be close for a long time.
  • Do not take out the flowers from the sponge. Even if you insert them later, the flowers will dry very soon. However, if individual flowers in the composition have already begun to fade, then it is advisable to remove them, this will help to extend the life of the rest.

Roses in a hatbox

The composition can consist of roses of different varieties: sensual and sensitive

Water is a source of life

The most important thing is that flowers need to be watered daily with water.For a large composition in a large box or basket, one third of a glass of water per day will be enough, for a small composition, even less water will be needed.

  • Like houseplants, flowers in the composition should be watered with water that has been settled for at least a few hours.
  • Do not let water get on the buds! To avoid this, use a small watering can or teapot. And if your composition is in a paper box, then it is better to use a syringe that will help you put water directly into the floral sponge without wetting the paper.
  • Do not water the flowers with too warm or too cold water, it should be at room temperature or a little colder.

In addition to watering, stems and leaves can be gently wiped with a damp cloth every few days to remove dust. Also, plants can be sprayed with a small amount of water from time to time, carefully making sure that it does not get on the buds.

Composition of irises, lilies and roses

Such a bright and such a fragile bouquet. So that it does not fade ahead of time, do not forget about the life-giving portion of moisture

Proper care is care coupled with knowledge. In the floristic workshop Parisianka you will always be prompted how to care for specific flowers so that these short-lived and beautiful creatures will be with you as long as possible.