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GTRK Smolensk is the largest media enterprise in the Smolensk region. The company produces regional news, special reports, thematic and copyright programs on the channels Russia 1, Radio of Russia, Russia 24

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GTRK Smolensk

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Our news is available to everyone. The Smolensk GTRK is the only television radio company whose broadcasting spreads to the entire territory of the Smolensk region.

We can trust us. The broadcast of the Vesti-Smolensk program is only objective and proven information.

We are ready to help. The editors of the Vesti-Smolensk program conducts a constant dialogue with viewers. We cover the problems that excite Smolyan and answer their questions. Every resident of the Smolensk region (4812) 68-48-08 can talk about events and incidents, about his problems and joys. We will not leave the most important and interesting stories.

Information issues of Vesti-Smolensk are released on weekdays eight times a day, in the morning block-at, 07.35, 07.07, 08.35; in the day and evening air-at 14.30, 21.05. The final program Vesti-Smolensk is aired on Sunday. Start at 08.00.

On Saturday from 8.00, 08.20 – on the air of the program, “Native People”, “Odigitria”, “Smolensk streets”.