GKB No. 31 – Anoscopy in Moscow: Prices, Indications

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Anoscopy – instrumental examination, which is carried out using a special instrument of the anoscope, which allows to examine in detail the walls of the anus and the mucous membrane of the rectum at a distance of up to 15 cm.

The length of the observation part may vary depending on the manufacturer, but, on average, is 7-8 cm. Modern anoscopes are equipped with the lighting system, which allows the doctor to examine the rectum and the formation in it in detail.

Indications for anoscopy

Anokopic examination is prescribed by a proctologist for the following indications:
• symptoms of the pathology of the anus and/or distal rectum (pain, stool disturbances (constipation or diarrhea), pathological inclusions in feces (blood, mucus, pus));
• clarification of the diagnosis with an already established disease (anal crack, hemorrhoids, neoplasm, etc.);
• Preventive examination (timely detection of colon cancer).

The procedure is carried out if the patient has any complaints characteristic of proctological diseases.
• feeling of discomfort, pain in defecation;
• release of blood, mucus and pus from the rectum;
• falling out formations from the intestine;
• anal itching;
• incontinence of stools and gases;
• Problems with stool (constipation or diarrhea).

Contraindications to anoscopy

The instrumental examination of the anus and the distal part of the rectum is not carried out with an acute stage of the inflammatory process, in acute burns, in the case of an ulcerated neoplasm, as well as in the presence of a mechanical barrier (for example, with cicatricial narrowing of the anus and rectum).

Also, contraindications are pronounced pain syndrome and 2 and 3 trimester of pregnancy. At the same time, pain syndrome is not an absolute contraindication. This means that if a doctor needs to conduct a study for diagnosis, he will conduct it after additional pain relief.

What can be diagnosed during anoscopy

When conducting anoscopy, you can diagnose:
• omission of the walls of the rectum (rectocele);
• the presence of enlarged internal hemorrhoids, anal cracks, fistulas;
• visualize benign (polyps, condylomas) and malignant formations in the intestine;
• Evaluate the presence and degree of inflammation.

Preparation and conduct of anoscopy

2-3 days before the examination, it is advisable to refuse products that stimulate gas formation processes in the large intestine (cabbage, legumes, brown bread, fresh vegetables and fruits, juices, carbonated and alcohol).

The night before, a light dinner (yogurt, kefir) is needed, in the morning on the day of the doctor’s intake – a light breakfast (omelet, oatmeal). There is no need for complete starvation.

In addition, immediately before anoscopy, it is necessary to clean the intestines. This can be done with the help of the drug Mikrolaks (three microclysters with an interval of one hour).

After a conversation with the patient, external examination and palpation of the perianal region, the proctologist conducts a diagnostic digital examination of the rectum. During a digital examination, the doctor may suggest a diagnosis, but he can finally make it only after a visual examination of the rectum. Anoscopic diagnosis is carried out with the patient lying on his side.

In City Clinical Hospital No. 31, anoscopy is performed under local anesthesia. The device is lubricated with a special gel, so its introduction does not cause discomfort. The whole procedure takes no more than 10 minutes.

In some cases, a diagnostic study is supplemented by therapeutic manipulation, for example, stopping bleeding from hemorrhoids or taking a biopsy from a rectal tumor.

The cost of anoscopy in Moscow

The price of anoscopy in medical institutions in Moscow varies considerably, and largely depends on the following factors:
• qualifications of medical workers performing the procedure;
• quality of the apparatus for anoscopy;
• use of local anesthesia;
• the status of a medical institution;
• the need for additional manipulations (removal of the hemorrhoid, biopsy, etc.).

City Clinical Hospital No. 31 conducts medical activities under the CHI system, as well as on a paid basis.

You can find all information about the rules and procedures for the provision of paid services, as well as the price list containing prices, in the Paid Services section, as well as on the Proctology page in the Cost of services of a proctologist section.