GBU; RC of comprehensive social services for children and youth; Youth plus.

GBBU RC of complex social services for children and youth Youth Plus

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State budgetary institution “Regional Center for Complex Social Service of Children and Youth“ Youth Plus ”, subordinate to the Ministry of Youth Policy and Sports of the region, operates on the basis of the order of the Governor of the Saratov Region of September 15, 1997 and is the only regional specialized institution for working with youth territory of the Saratov region.

The center has separate structural units in 14 municipal regions of the region (Atkarsky, Arkadak, Balashovsky, Volsk, Kalininsky, Lysogorsky, Marxovsky, Novouzensky, Ozinsky, Petrovsky, Pugachevsky, Rivne, Rtishchevsky, Tatishchevsky).

In Saratov, the Center includes an agency for the development of volunteering, a social and business center, a center of psychological and pedagogical rehabilitation and the correction of minors “Light”.

The institution is based on the program and project approach. The specialists of the institution have developed and effectively implement more than 30 programs aimed at creating conditions for the support and development of youth initiatives, personal self-determination and self-realization of children and youth, preventive and corrective-developmental work in the teenage environment, as well as the provision of practical advisory assistance for young people who turned out to be found out In a difficult life situation. The key areas of the center is the involvement of the youth of the region in volunteer activities, support and development of youth socially significant projects and initiatives, the prevention of asocial manifestations in the youth environment.

Every year, more than 128 thousand, that is, every fourth young man aged 14 to 30 years living in the region, take part in the programs and projects implemented by the specialists of the institution.