Games with balls for dry pool

Games with balls for a dry pool mother hides a ball under the baby’s clothes, and the baby takes him out. To begin with, you can hide on a tummy under a T -shirt or over the elastic band of pants. As

Games with balls for dry pool

Mom hides the ball under the baby’s clothes, and the baby takes him out. To begin with, you can hide on a tummy under a T -shirt or over the elastic band of pants. As the dexterity and coordination of the baby’s movements will increase, the ball can be hidden in more and more difficult to reach the baby – on the barrel, back, in the sleeve or in the leg. Such a game has a positive effect on the development of the perception of your own body, helps to develop coordination of movements and dexterity.

  • Full the ball!

Mom spreads several balls on a low table – such that the baby can freely stand next to him. And he shows the baby how to blow the balls from the table. Or, if the table is wide – which will roll further. And you can put the balls on the floor – and blow on them from a lying position.

  • Continue a row.

Lay out rhythmic rows from the balls and continue them with the baby. For very young children and those who are just learning to understand rhythm in the figure, we recommend that the task is to simplify and use circles of colored paper laid out on the table as a sample. Let the baby continue the row with a ball, and his mother helps him a little with a colored circle, pronouncing why we put just such a color, and not some other. Very soon, the baby will understand the logic of this game and will be happy to build the ranks himself.

This game has a positive effect on the touch development of the baby – it not only teaches to distinguish, but also to correlate colors with each other, finding the same or different color. And also it helps to develop thinking, feeling and vision of rhythm, the ability to work in a team and affects the emotional development of crumbs well. And of course, it helps well in the development of dexterity – after all, the ball must be placed carefully so that it does not roll and the row does not collapse.

  • “What a miracle this crane!”

Invite the baby to be a lifting tap and transfer the balls from the floor to, say, a sofa. But to transfer it not in the usual way – with your hands, but special – pressing the ball with a chin to the chest. Lay out several balls on the floor-4-5, no longer worth it. Show the baby how to lie on the floor, grab the ball, then stand up and release the ball above the sofa. Or a bag where the balls are usually stored. And help him do the same thing. This is a very useful exercise not only for the baby who learns to control his body, but also for his mother, because The muscles of the neck are gently stretched, which helps to make it more flexible and mobile.

  • Do not miss!

Put a bucket at a short distance from the baby and show him how to throw balls in a bucket. If you have several free vegeters, you can use them by putting them in a row one after another.And the bucket can be placed at different distances from the baby – the farther a bucket, the more difficult it is to get into it. Such a game develops the eye, dexterity, teaches the baby to own the body.

  • What color is it?

Take several balls of each color. For very small ones, you can limit yourself to 2 colors and 2-3 balls, for older children and balls, and there can be more shades. Choose buckets, bowls or just colored paper of the corresponding color. Put them on the table and invite the baby to look for your house for each ball. If the baby is mistaken, do not rush to correct him-play for the ball-say something like “Oh, I'm a green ball, I want to go home, I am good at the red balls, but I'm lonely here, I want my brothers, baby Take me home, please. ” The game teaches the baby to distinguish and correlate colors, look for mistakes if he succeeds. And also develops thinking, dexterity and helps in the correct formation of large motor skills.

  • Little football player.

Put one ball on the floor and invite the baby to score a goal. As a gate, you can use a shoe box or a couple of small sofa pillows. It’s not easy to kick such a small ball at all, because it is small, and it is difficult for kids to keep balance. But it is precisely such, slightly complex tasks that help the baby develop and move forward.

  • Hold the ball.

Show the baby how to put the ball on the palm of your hand and hold it without helping yourself with your fingers. To hold the ball on a fully open palm for the baby of this age is not an easy task. Such a game helps in the development of a sense of balance, in the development of large motor skills, and also helps in the formation of the image of your body.

  • Firework!.

Take several balls in your hands at once – as much as you can hold. Praise the baby and throw the balls up. If the baby wants, he can stand under the salute and then the balls will pour on it. Many children really like this game. And it not only positively affects the development of ideas about the image of the body, but also gives a lot of joy and fun, and this is important for the correct emotionally development.

  • Ball sticks.

Lay the balls on the floor with lines and show the baby how to cross them through them. At first glance, this is not at all difficult. But for the baby of the second year of life, who is only learning to stand on one leg and while holding balance is a rather difficult task. Such a game helps in the development of a sense of balance, the formation of ideas about our own body and its capabilities.

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