Games that people play: in Moscow ended; Playwon 2016; – Moscow 24.

The grandiose Festival of Board Games Playcin was held in the Gostiny Dvor for two days on September 24 and 25

Games that people play: in Moscow ended Playwood 2016

The playcen board festival was held in the capital last weekend. This event every six months is looking forward to gamers of all ages. They value him for a cozy atmosphere, a variety of games and entertainment, generous promotions, unusual contests and universal goodwill.

The correspondent of the network edition of Maya Dinova visited the Gameon, where she met cosplayers, found out what board games people prefer to play and saw what images of fictional characters are popular among lovers of reincarnation.

Photo: Avilov

Imagine an autumn festival in the center of a metropolis: under a glass ceiling, crowds of people of all ages are sitting at long wooden tables, communicating, laughing, playing funny music everywhere, defile girls in elegant suits. The famous German Oktoberfest is very reminiscent of the description. But there is no alcohol and sausages, and the main means of feeding the population is intelligence and imagination.

Playcin has been held since 2013 and is designed to popularize board games. The organizers of the festival believe that tables (as the games are called by the people) develop imagination, intelligence, fine motor skills and any kind of positive thinking, bring people together and even create and strengthen families. Indeed, among visitors to “playful” people of all ages: adolescents, students, and entire families. Even grandparents walk their grandchildren here, because the games that represent at this festival cover the most extensive audience both in age and in interests.

Photo: Maya Dinova

Here are interspersed sites dedicated to science fiction and star wars, fantasy and history, steampanese and post -apocalypse, the world of animals and plants, spies and detectives. Here you can learn to paint the miniatures of soldiers and shoot on onions, fight on laser swords and drive crossed terrain on radio -controlled tanks, even dance, if you really want to. Fantasy on the game is not limited by anything. Even if you suddenly want to hug with two darts Weidors and heroes of all the most popular films and comics, you will have such a chance.

Any event dedicated to games is a Mecca for cosplayers (people who change into costumes of famous characters, and also engage in the manufacture of such costumes. – approx. Ed.), And the most spectacular part of any such festival is their defile. To the music, dressed in various costumes of the characters of comics, computer games, films, series and even dimensions, young people go on stage, creating a show for hundreds of spectators, and then wait for the solution of an experienced jury, which decides who will receive a prize for the best embodiment and presentation of the chosen image.

Photo: Maya Dinova

It was with cosplayers that the journalist began a survey of Igrocon visitors on the topic of what place games occupy in their lives. It seems that a person will spend a lot of time and money on creating a complex and colorful costume only if he is very passionate about games. However, among the participants of the fashion show there were those who do not consider themselves to be gamers at all, and such large festivals for them, in fact, became a meeting place with friends and an opportunity to meet like-minded people and just interesting people.

Olga dressed as the Red Woman from Game of Thrones:

– I came here from St. Petersburg and am delighted with the festival site: Moscow's Gostiny Dvor impresses with its beauty and scope, while everything here is ergonomic and compact. And it's also very cool to watch mothers with children, of which there are a lot here. I even saw a grandmother who enthusiastically played with her grandchildren. It's great when people are so interested!

Photo: Maya Dinova

Michael dressed as Jon Snow from Game of Thrones:

– At first, my friends persuaded me to keep them company, and I decided to take part in an adventure called cosplay. And it's not so important that I liked it myself, how pleasant the reaction of people who see you in this suit is. I am not a gamer, I rarely play any games at all, but I have the excitement to come to such festivals and see which of my friends brought which image this time. I myself am already stuck on the image of Jon Snow from the Game of Thrones and plan to do something new. It will probably be Che Guevara or Jim Morrison. It is interesting for me to cosplay not heroes already, but great personalities, although these are not trendy characters. But it's still nice when people jump for joy at the sight of us, even though we've been wearing these costumes for a year and a half. This is also a kind of recognition.

Marina in a Demon costume with a crossbow:

– I chose this image for cosplay because I like its colors, organicity and proportions. I made this costume myself for half a year, because it hooked me with its beauty. I'm not a gamer and don't play much. Basically I prefer table games, and from the table games – Carcassonne for an interesting plot.

Nikita in a Rorschach costume:

– I chose the Rorschach character from “Watchmen” for cosplay, because initially I had a similar cape… I actually like it, I like certain looks of this character. Although, I do not agree with everyone and I think that compromises need to be found, but the struggle for justice is not bad. I first saw him in the Watchmen movie, then I read an Alan Moore comic, and after that I decided to bring this image to life. This is my first cosplay experience.

Photo: Maya Dinova

I consider myself a gamer. I am attracted to realistic computer games – shooters, strategies. I don't like magic and fantasy, I'm more drawn to science fiction and realism. Unfortunately, I'm not very good at desktops. But I've been to airsoft.Such festivals are united, reduced people with similar interests, and help to find new friends. I like it!

Sasha in a costume of a peak lady from the game Witch:

– For me, the game is a way to get to know a person better and have fun. My favorite game is cards, as it is very ancient. When you play cards with different people, you can understand what they are inside, what they want from this game – victory or communication in a pleasant company. I can offer to play any stranger – for me this is not a choice of a circle, but rather a study of humanity. And such festivals are a big holiday for people who want to get together and spend time comfortably. This is the first time on the game and I like him. I have a goal here – to relax and it is one hundred percent.

Timur in a raven costume:

– I am a convinced gamer and outplayed so many computer games that even my beloved is listed too long. I started playing, probably at six years old, when I had a dandy prefix. Games are always interesting, it makes it possible to distract from everyday life, and then, I myself write a little, and this gives me inspiration. The fruits of my imagination are also to some extent based on what I play.

Photo: Maya Dinova

Rodion in a raider costume:

-I am not a gamer, but I am one of the creators of the Z-Game board game about zombies in the post-apocalyptic world. My friends and I have long loved everything that was connected with zombies and board games, and at some point we decided that we needed our own tassel about zombies. Now we have already released the second, we played a role -playing game at the training ground for 300 people and are going to continue, because it is inspiring us, and the number of fans is growing gradually.

Maria Eanor in a suit of Fairy Morgana from Varhammer

– I consider myself a gamer, I prefer a few dimens, especially the “Varhammer” and very actively play computer games. This gives me the awakening of my alter ego, psycho-training, with the help of which I open in new colors for myself. I sewed my costume myself, relying on the art from the world of Varhammer and miniature figures. My husband has two huge glass cabinets with such miniatures. He collects them, paints them himself and, of course, plays in a table in this world, he probably has a hundred different armies from this universe. Personally, I like it more than to embody these characters, not only a suit, but also behavior and manner, experience emotions and thoughts, to play a role entirely.

Photo: Maya Dinova

I hope that in ten years I will get a big family, a wonderful house where it will be possible to play all this freely and maybe I will take my kids to such festivals so that they look at something new and showed myself and showed myself.

Photo: Maya Dinova

Each of these people came to the playwhetor not by chance and not only to walk a suit or tell about one of the games of his store.All of them gathered to feel unity, find like -minded people, extend the boundaries of their own lives and fill it with bright colors of the holiday and friendly communication. After all, what is any game? This is a return to childhood, in times of cloudless happiness and absolute trust in the world. And these are precisely those feelings and emotions that the inhabitants of a huge metropolis are so lacking, and many people on Earth. Fortunately, festivals that give a holiday of communication and imagination are becoming more and more, and not only in the capital.