Games for two on one computer This section contains free games for two on one computer. They are implemented in Flash, so you can play them right in your browser, you don't need anything

Games for two on one computer

This section contains free games for two on one computer. They are implemented in Flash, so you can play them right in your browser, you don't need to download anything. Some can be played alone, but it's best to call a friend and hack yourself together. Game descriptions and controls are listed side by side in Russian. To make it easier for you to navigate, we have divided them into several headings.

Last 10 games

Oh, how does it feel to play together on the same computer?

Very simple. One of you presses the arrow keys, and the other keys W, A, S, D. And in some games for two, one can use the keyboard, and the second – the mouse. And in most cases, you can walk at the same time.

Games for two – the most popular categories and genres

For whom are games for two suitable?

– Friends who want to have fun killing time on the same computer;
– Lovers of short toys;
– For those who love puzzles and board games;
– Young people who have 10-15 minutes before the start of the next lesson or couple;
– Tetris fans who can now compete in it with friends;
– Connoisseurs of indie games and classic arcade games, like on consoles;

And why are there so many of them? What is the difference?

Different games have different plots and ideas. Here, for example, the walker Game and Fire – in it fire boy can push red levers and is afraid of water. But the girl is the opposite. To complete the maze, they must play together. By the way, this game is also interesting to play alone, taking turns controlling the characters.

Puzzle for two. or for one

Games for two are divided into different genres, like all flash games. But even on computers and consoles, there is one genre in which it makes sense to play only together. And not over the network, but behind one screen. These are fighting games or fights.

Game of fighting fighters

Kings of Fighters 1 is the Chinese brother of Street Fighter. You can choose different characters

But this section is filled not only with fights and walkers. There are also classic board games like Jenga. Here, as in reality, you walk in turn, dragging the bars from the base to the top of the building with the mouse. Whoever falls down loses!

Online Jenga – but we play as usual

Or here's a great Tetris, which has an additional Dual Screen mode – to play together at the same time. Where else can you find one like this?

This is just an additional mode for two, but how the old Tetris started playing right away!

And who remembers the golden classic – Bomberman from the consoles Dendy and Sega? Of course, those who have consoles can still play on them today – this hit even came out on the Xbox 360. But if you don't have a console … or don't have time to run it – try Bombers.You run around the maze and explode the walls, as in youth! And if you select 2 Players mode, you can put your ass and a colleague on the office! Let him remember how young we were.

Bombers-this branch of online games leading their pedigree from the famous Bombermen

But in general, games for two players are so strange that it is even difficult for them to choose a column. If you have already looked at the list of categories above, But you want even more, something unusual or even strange-click on the announcements under this article. There we posted everything that goes beyond the classic headings, or too unique.

The rest of the games for two

This subsection includes toys, which are difficult to allocate in a separate section. In the future, we will definitely deal with them. To the top