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Photo - VR quest for two

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Cool party in Kyiv: the best ideas

Imagine a fountain with a punch of about 2 thousand liters, according to which bartenders run on canoe, filling the glasses of guests with a heady drink. This is not an invention and not a fantasy, but a key object of the most legendary festivities in history, organized in 1694 by an honorary member of the Royal Navy of Great Britain Admiral Edward Russell for officers. The event lasted a whole week and stopped only during the rain, when the fountain was covered with a silk awning. And yes, this is not the only example in the history of an unusual celebration. Because a party for the company is a cool way to relax, have fun in the open air and forget about the monotony of everyday life. But with what scope to arrange it – everyone decides for himself.

The service of good mood and original gifts Bodo knows a lot about organizing cool holidays. In our catalog you will find dozens of best ideas on how to turn an ordinary weekend into an unforgettable adventure.

What is a party of the 21st century?

In the classical sense, this is an interesting pastime with friends or relatives in the evening or even in the middle of the night. But in the modern world, anything can be hidden in the term. And quest adventure, and many hours of gatherings with board games, and even New Year's corporate party in the middle of white day.

There are no unshakable rules for such an event. For example, at the holidays of the Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth, the second is prohibited by alcohol and mainly serve sandwiches and cakes. And in 1897, the guests were obliged to come to the festivities of Mr. and Mrs. Bradley-Martin in outfits bought from local merchants-this is how the organizers sought to improve the economic condition of people during the period of “long depression”. There are many reasons for fun in our time.

10 reasons to arrange a celebration:

  • birthday;
  • bachelorette party or boyfriend;
  • high school graduation;
  • on the honor of the successful completion of an important project;
  • New Year;
  • to raise the spirit to a friend or girlfriend after parting with love;
  • as an original way of effective teambuilding;
  • wedding or relationship;
  • to conduct a sister, a brother for an internship in another country;
  • birth of a child.

But the most cool reason for organizing the holiday is the desire to give a cool mood to yourself and loved ones. No need to wait for a certain date to rest with the company.With the BODO team, you can plan fun for any day and within the affordable cost.

The best types of parties in Kyiv

We often think about how to spend time with friends, so that it is interesting, useful and not boring. The good news is that the modern world offers a large number of opportunities for such a vacation. Hundreds of different ways are available in Ukraine to organize a creative event to be remembered for both the heroes of the celebration and guests. Today we offer to take a closer look at such proposals in Kyiv.

Top 7 best ideas for unforgettable pastime with friends:

  1. Festivities in the Party Bus or in the acvalimusin – a drive rest in an unusual vehicle with drinks, music and incendiary dances.
  2. Laser Tag – a game using laser weapons.
  3. Pintball or strikbol is an imitation of a real battle with certain missions in the equipment “under the style”.
  4. The evening of financial games or poker is fascinating tables for friends who taste intellectual entertainment.
  5. Immersion in the world of VR-IGR is a virtual adventure for several participants from which everyone can leave the winner.
  6. Wine games for the company to choose from: Black Pack or “Roulette of aromas”. At the end of the exciting test, all participants will receive a tasting set and will be able to relax at the institution at their discretion.
  7. Cinema on the beach or on the roof – watching an interesting tape to the company of friends or with a loved one in an unusual atmosphere.

And you can order a walk in the dark, play Kerling, spend an evening with a rock band or participate in a large immersion production on a special location.

Quests as an interesting party solution

The modern way to fun is cool – buy a gift certificate for a quest in Kyiv. This is an adventure in closed rooms or on the streets of a city with a bunch of puzzles, puzzles and dizzying tasks. Such games for friends are popular entertainment for a corporate party, anniversary and graduation. Our assortment has a wide selection of quests:

  • Horror – the impression with the elements of the horror film;
  • automobile – detective team adventure on logic in different locations of the capital;
  • Testing with immersion – the ability to become characters of an unusual plot, the final of which will depend only on your actions;
  • Action is a sports-logical game, saturated with riddles, during which you can go on dangerous conditions of 3070, become volunteers at a training training ground with a labyrinth, transfer to a computer world full of “pixel” barriers.
  • The city detective is an unusual walk in search of tips to solve a key riddle.
  • The VR quest is a trip to the parallel world, where the participants will even be able to go beyond the capabilities of a person.

Also on the Bodo website you can buy a gift card in a children's Quest room to organize an unforgettable birthday there.

Party as an original gift

To arrange a fun festivities or an unusual game is a great solution to congratulate any person. Thus, you can save your beloved from the need to prepare and get out to the arrival of guests. Or let a Kholostyak friend celebrate her anniversary as cool as much as possible about the organization.

What is a party in Kyiv:

  • The universal answer is what to give a friend, sister, friend, nephew, husband for his birthday;
  • cool solution for congratulations to parents with a silver wedding anniversary;
  • a sign of attention to the team from the authorities for success and efforts;
  • Gratitude to friends for always nearby;
  • Driving holiday for children for any reason.

Because the best idea of ​​a memorable gift is a holiday full of emotions.

Why is it worth buying a certificate for a party in Kyiv on Bodo?

The American rapper Pi Daddy went on his 33rd birthday together with loved ones to ride in Marrakesh on several Boeing. And the Count of Leotersky in 1575 arranged one of the most luxurious events lasting 17 days to achieve the hand and heart of Queen Elizabeth I. We do not fundamentally know why you needed an enchanting celebration, but we are always happy to organize it for each Kievite and not only. Without “Boeing”, but with limousines. Duration for several hours, but with a bunch of unforgettable emotions. And within the limits of the price that will be for you.

Choose services on the site as a gift to friends or for your own holiday. Read reviews, watch video reviews and photos. Contact the advice to managers. Bodo is a place where the mood lives. And here it is always glad to everyone who is in search of real emotions!