Games about cats: top the best games about cats on PC

Cats and cats! It seems that there are no more wonderful and touching creatures in the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that these fluffy lumps of happiness paid a lot of attention in many good games for PCs, consoles and mobile devices. About such games about cats, cats and invented cat -like creatures will be discussed later.

Cats games on PC

Cats and cats! It seems that there are no more wonderful and touching creatures in the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that these fluffy lumps of happiness paid a lot of attention in many good games for PCs, consoles and mobile devices. About such games about cats, cats and invented cat -like creatures will be discussed later.

Catlatell Damage

A home cat simulator with a first -person view, made in 2015 by an independent Chris Chung developer. The game has a funny cartoon graphics and a cheerful gameplay, where a player, in the role of a restless cat, needs to make all kinds of mess in the master's room, dropping human items from their gullies from their places and earning glasses for it. The more chaos and destruction, the more points (plus all sorts of solid achievements), for which you can open new nice cats after. Each time, the environment and objects in it are generated randomly. At the same time, hidden collection objects, for example, are one of 230 wonderful photographs, which depict real cats and cats among things.

The Cat! Porfirio’s Adventure (Adventures of the Partenty cat)

The adventure of the adventure of the unfortunate city cat, whom the ungrateful owners dragged for the summer to the village. And the conditions in the village are far from what a cozy city apartment offers. There is no soft bed and saucer with food, your own house and a heap of favorite toys. But there are harmful neighboring cats and even more harmful dogs, ubiquitous biting fleas and ticks. In addition, you need to eat it yourself, doing fishing and hunting. In general, as poor Partenti with the trials that fell on his head will cope, depends entirely on the player’s actions, who will have a hero to conduct the status of intimidated home -made non -combat to the respected title “First Cat in the village”.

Cat Quest

A cartoon role -playing game, the action of which takes place in the fabulous world of the Kingdom of Felinghard and the Lupus empire, whose inhabitants are cute cats and dogs. That's just them to put them so much that they started a war! The main character is the brave cat Knight, who travels along the kingdom, trying to catch up with his sister. And along the way, other characters with whom fate reduces him during the trip helps. There are battles here, as without them. They pass in real time, but are uneasy and soundless.You can upgrade your hero by equipping him with improved armor taken as loot from defeated enemies, as well as by learning new combat skills and spells. In general, a full-fledged fairy tale RPG with an unusual setting and a main character.

Cat Quest 2

The sequel to the funny cat role-playing game that offers a new adventure and new colorful characters. In addition to them, a lot of new and even more destructive spells, formidable weapons and impenetrable armor appeared. It is noteworthy that a new character has also appeared – a dog accompanying the cat on his journey. You can freely switch between the two heroes, using the advantages and unique abilities of both in a timely manner.

Cat Goes Fishing

An arcade fishing simulator in a two-dimensional hand-drawn style, the hero of which is a charming white cat, phlegmatically sitting on the shore or in a boat, and slowly fishing for a variety of fish from the bottom of the sea. There are a lot of fish here, they differ in type and size, have a unique algorithm of behavior, and in order to catch a certain one, you need to focus on a specific time of day, depth and type of gear. There is also a lot of fishing equipment here, including a variety of unlockable hats that give the cat the look of a really dashing fisherman and give him various bonuses. There are also unlockable boats that allow you to go to the most fishy spots and finally catch the biggest trophy fish you can dream of.

night in the woods

An adventure game focused on the investigation of mysterious events, which is carried out with her friends by the resourceful and charming anthropomorphic cat Mei. The heroine has just returned to her hometown of Possum Springs after attending college and is trying to reconnect with her friends and family. At the same time, mystical things begin to happen in the district, some residents disappear. The threat undoubtedly comes from the nearby, vast, ancient and sinister forest. There the heroine, together with her friends, goes, having previously interviewed everyone who is possible within the city.

Shelter 2

A wild life simulator dedicated to the lynx and her still tiny and helpless cubs. And the lynx is considered the same cat, only huge and wild, but with tassels on the ears. In any case, Shelter offers a very unusual and interesting gameplay, in some ways even touching. Its essence is the need to protect and properly raise their offspring in the wild. To do this, the lynx will have to make careful journeys through forests, fields and mountain streams, hunt for food and protect children from the encroachments of other cunning predators. However, protecting and guarding lynxes is only half the battle. They need to be properly educated, instilling in them the basic skills of hunting and survival in the natural wild environment.

Blacksad: Under the Skin

A game about a humanoid cat-detective, based on a series of comics Blacksad. It is detective-nual in nature, offering to plunge into a not-so-ordinary setting and a fascinating criminal plot. The main character lives in the very heart of the criminal New York, whose inhabitants are other starry. By the family of classes, he constantly communicates with all sorts of villains and takes up dangerous tasks, so one day the daughter of the owner of the prestigious boxing hall comes to him with help, whose father died, and the main champion of the hall disappeared without a trace. John Blaxed, without delay, takes on an investigation and soon realizes that this is not ordinary abduction and murder, but something more ominous and sophisticated, resembling a full -scale conspiracy.

A psychedelic game with crazy and absurd, absolutely obscure gameplay. But the main role here is a pretty cat, which gives PUSS! a certain share of attractiveness. A cat through a crack in the worlds is transferred to a different dimension, where he becomes a participant in non -stop, blazing the eyes of neon's eyes. By the way, the abundance of excessively bright colors and flashing flashes on the screen can provoke a seizure of people with photosensitive epilepsy – the authors honestly warn everyone about to try their unusual game.

A Street Cat’s Tale

“Street Kat” is a magnificent pixel simulator about a homeless kitten who travels freely along the streets and meets new friends and various unusual characters. At the same time, the player should worry that the kitten is able to survive until the moment when he becomes an adult material cat and will be able to take care of himself. For example, help him in search of food – after all, the growing body of the baby constantly requires nutritious elements. It is funny that with all this, the game has a nonlinear structure – helping one or another characters, or accepting help from them, the kitten and player will create their fascinating story about street adventures.


The marvelous game of the genre is a visual novel telling about cat adventures on the streets of majestic and romantic Paris. The player is waiting for beautifully painted locations and music, an exciting nonlinear story and many memorable characters, ninety percent of which are different cats and cats. Each of them has his own appearance, character and his own story, which he will gladly tell the player. With all its rather much advantages, Cateau is a completely free game that anyone can download from the Steam service.

The Cat Games

A cute casual game with cats, released on a PC in 2017. In fact, three independent and interesting mini-games with the participation of cats are hidden in The Cat Games. The first is the so -called cat billiards. Here you need to not just drive balls into the pink, but correctly determine the proposed breeds of cats.In general, the calculation is for connoisseurs-experts who are well versed in felinology. The second proposed mini-game is Indoor Racing. It is the passage of a room obstacle course with rivals, where you need to use all your feline dexterity and reflexes. Finally, the third and final game mode is Bathtub Swimming, which takes place in a sparing health-improving form, more reminiscent of swimming, where in no case should you wet your head and ears.

The Chronicles of Nyanya

A good role-playing game created on the popular RPG Maker. Characteristic miniature graphics here coexist with a bright setting and a JRPG-like plot (since it is a parody of many famous anime, as well as other works of modern popular culture). At the same time, the main characters are humanized cats, leading petty showdowns among themselves and whole epic battles on a variety of issues: religious, political, racial, and others. In general, everything is like with people. All the action is decorated in a bright cartoon style.

The Big Journey

Pulsating with the brightest colors, a casual game about the fun adventures of a funny kolobok kitten. Use his unusual body shape, which is the result of an excessive love for khinkals, to overcome tricky obstacles in numerous, but completely different locations. All this to cheerful, relaxed music and with constant meetings of new interesting friends.

Cat Lady: The Card Game

Card game with cats, designed in pleasant pastel colors. Players take on the role of cats trying to create the best cattery in the world and attract new residents using all sorts of treats, toys and funny cat costumes. The rules are simple, the mechanics are accessible, everything is very replayable, fun and with multiplayer support for up to 4 people.

I wanna be The Cat

A bright, deceptively childish platformer with cats that actually offers quite a challenging platforming with an emphasis on precision and clarity of reflexes. The slightest inaccuracy – and the pussy will die the death of the brave, falling into a bottomless abyss or getting under the press. It is curious that there are also various characters and enemies here, which are famous heroes from other games, books and films adapted for cats and cats.

Nyan Cat: Lost In Space

Another brightly colored psychedelic cat game on our list, based on the popular meme of a kitten with a cookie body flying to funny music on a rainbow across the sky. In general, the nonsense is still the same, but for some reason it is addictive. The essence of the gameplay of Nyan Cat: Lost In Space is to fly through bright locations and collect goodies for which points are awarded. There are several game modes and many achievements that open without much difficulty and strain.

Super Phantom Cat

A 2D action/platformer about a superhero cat with five unusual skills. Use them wisely to navigate as many as 35 unique locations, accompanied by a delightful story in the spirit of funny children's cartoons. Suitable for both children and adult lovers of good mental games.Among the pleasant secondary features of Super Phantom Cat, many unlocked cosmetic objects can be noted, some of which also give the hero unusual abilities. There is a small element of crafting and gardening, as well as the ability to collect all sorts of funny (though most often completely useless) pieces. There are also well -hidden Easter that will be able to detect and appreciate only the most attentive and patient players.