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Programs for pregnant women

Experts Rasko Fitness are not afraid of this topic, on the contrary, we love pregnant customers and know how to work with them.

The future mother, first of all, strongly recommend that you undergo an examination by the doctor. Remember that even the most experienced and qualified coach is not a doctor!

Training for pregnant women without the permission of a doctor is categorically forbidden.

After making sure of the health fortress and the harmonious development of the fetus, the legs are simply obliged to bring you to the fitness club. Here we will save you from the most common misconceptions:

  • Pregnancy NOT disease.
  • Lack of a sports past gives a woman the right NOT do during pregnancy.
  • Dancing NOT acceptable during pregnancy.
  • Aerobics NOTGutatively affects the health of the future mother.
  • NOTT Yoga!

Most women, having learned the good news, instantly stop all attempts to improve physical form, taking care of the health of the fetus. This behavior is obvious and understandable, but it is also worth remembering that the “lazy” pregnancy is mainly fraught with negative consequences, such as: excessive weight gain, oxygen deficiency, varicose veins and many others …

There are a number of physical activity, categorically prohibited during pregnancy. As a rule, such sports involve increased injury and often enter the group of extreme: jumping in water, diving; dynamic sports such as basketball and volleyball; run.

Nevertheless, playing sports is an obligatory element of the life of the future mother. In Rosko, fitness shows several directions at once as part of the permissible physical activity of a pregnant woman. We will touch each of them in our article and note the positive aspects of training.

There is an opinion that if a woman did not go in for sports before pregnancy, then you can not resort to training during her. This is the main and gross error. Classes for this category of women are extremely necessary.

We advise novice athletes during pregnancy to pay special attention to specialized training for expectant mothers in Skisco Fitness – Fitness for Pregnant.

The dosed degree of load, sets of exercises for the minimum study of muscle groups, the emphasis on the general tone of the body, comfort and the joy of training, all this is plus the close attention of the train-coach will allow you to gain excellent physical condition and mood without much stress. And what is especially important to facilitate the upcoming birth.

It is proved that physically trained pregnant women have a higher pain threshold than not trained.

Accordingly, the childbearing process proceeds faster and less painfully. Also, sports have a beneficial effect on the development of the fetus.

What could be better than incendiary music and drive for the whole coming day? Only dancing to this music! But what to do if such previously beloved dance areas are now in doubt? There is only one answer: to discard doubts away and run rather to training, otherwise it will soon begin without you.

Do not give up your favorite dances due to pregnancy, such a charge and playful mood will only benefit. Favorite movements to music will allow not only gain a great shape and do not gain too much, but also Strengthen the muscles, keep the tone for all nine months; achieve plasticitywhich will help you very much during childbirth; strengthen the health of the lungs and hearts.

Dance directions will provide you with all of the above advantages, subject to elementary rules:

– Gave pleasure in training and avoid uncomfortable sensations.

– Replace jumping/running/sharp elements with smooth and comfortable.

– Avoid a sharp change in the position of the body in space and coordination exercises.

– Do not strive to be in time for a group, attend classes for communication and pleasure. Catch your rhythm.

Follow these simple rules, and you can make your pregnancy fun and pleasant. Do not forget that you can always dance with your favorite coach in a personal lesson.

Not! Not! And not again! During aerobics, exercises are used, the purpose of which is to increase the need for muscles in oxygen, which in turn favorably affects the body of a woman and a child.

In matters of aerobic and strength training, it is better to trust the whole and completely coach. The best option for the future mother will be personal training.

Group classes in the aerobic hall are unacceptable for pregnant women, due to the lack of a personal approach. But this is not a reason to refuse useful training.

Individual training will be compiled taking into account your needs and desires and easily include all types of loads.

A set of breathing exercises, muscle heating exercises, strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor, as well as aimed at relaxation and relaxation will make your pregnancy happy!

The instructors Rasko Fitness will help:

– choose special exercises,

– vary the load, with a gradual increase,

-control the training time, given your well -being,

– create comfortable conditions for training,

– They will give recommendations for nutrition and drinking regime.

A well-built training process- the key to health!

If among the friends you are known as an avid “yoga”, distinguish “bakasana” from “Shavasana” and for you this is not just a set of letters, then do not rush to close the doors to the world of yoga.If these words do not mean anything to you, hurry up to discover the mysterious world of asanas.

Yoga is one of the most beneficial practices for every person.

Its main goal is recovery. Each exercise is aimed at improving the functioning of internal organs, relaxing and stretching the spine.

But should pregnant women do yoga? Definitely worth it! Moreover, a radical change in established habits, and in our case, a refusal to exercise, can lead to undesirable results. Often a woman who has stopped exercising regularly feels unwell. The reason for this is not the development of the child inside her, but the lack of physical activity.

But still it is worth remembering that yoga yoga is different. It is better to give preference to individual classes with a trainer, where your workout will be entirely yoga for pregnant women.

Let's go over the main differences between yoga in its classical sense, from yoga for pregnant women:

  • No inverted poses.
  • Complete exclusion of asanas with a retracted abdomen.
  • Refusal of exercises for coordination and balance.

However, the value of yoga for a pregnant woman is exceptional:

  • Strengthening the muscles of the whole body.
  • Breathing practices teach you how to relax properly.
  • Providing the body with oxygen.
  • Improving metabolism.
  • Formation of a strong nervous system, improvement of well-being and mood.

This is only a small part of what yoga will give to the expectant mother.

Are you still thinking about going or not? We think the answer is obvious.

Pregnancy is not the time to change habits (of course, if they are not harmful to health). If you have not been interested in sports throughout your life, you should not rush into the pool with your head during pregnancy and sign up for all workouts in a fitness club. Start small, take care of your health and the health of your baby.

If sport is your best friend, don't give up on what you love to do. Move from more intense and challenging workouts to lighter and more toning workouts.

It is important to observe harmony and measure in everything, then the goals and desires will be achieved. Therefore, we share the opinion of the philosopher Voltaire, who said, “Use, but do not abuse – this is the rule of wisdom. Neither abstinence nor excesses give happiness.

Pregnancy is a magical period in every woman's life. Listen to yourself and your desires, and we, your “Brosko Fitness” team, will take care of your health.

Fitness for pregnant women

Fitness for pregnant women

A set of exercises that allow you to maintain good physical shape during pregnancy, learn to listen to your body, gain flexibility and harmony. Our classes will help expectant mothers: