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FC Young Boys – football club from Bern, Switzerland | History, stadium, achievements and best players of BSC Young Boys

We are talking about the Swiss football club from the city of Bern – Young Boys. History, stadium, best players. Read on the Stone Forest men's portal.

Young Boys Bern. History of Swiss bees

Football club Young Boyz Bern Switzerland - Stone Forest

Many are accustomed to the fact that Basel is the main team in Switzerland. They say there are a lot of strong players in the team, a stable place in Eurocups. But it's not that simple.

Young Boys from the city of Bern are trying with might and main to become the leading team in the country, and I think that in the near future they will be able to do it.

Stone Forest tells you the story of one of the most successful clubs in the history of Swiss football.

City of Bern

The city with German roots is considered by many to be the de facto capital of Switzerland (because there is no official one), since many important state institutions have been built in it. It is located in the central part of the country. Its population is 131.5 thousand people. But this is not the highest population indicator compared to other cities in the country.

Many sights of Bern are located in the old part of the city. The main feature of this part is the presence of a fair amount of canopy arcades that run over the sides of the streets. By the way, these canopies are a very good salvation from the rain, take note for tourists, because rain is a frequent occurrence in Switzerland.

The main late Gothic temple is also located in Bern. Its name is Bern Cathedral, it was opened in 1893. So tourists will definitely be satisfied with this country, you can even do without visiting the Alps.

City Bern Switzerland - Stone Forest

club stadium

Young Boys play their home matches at the Stade de Suisse. In 2001, the arena was born on the site of the old stadium, which was called Wankdorf (at one time the 1954 World Cup final was held here).

The new arena can accommodate 32,000 spectators. But, unfortunately, it is not completely filled. The largest number of spectators came to the match Young Boys against Olympic from France. The game was attended by 14,000 spectators.

But the maximum number of spectators was collected at a hockey match. At the same time, Switzerland has never been a hockey country. The hockey match between Bern and Langau gathered 30,076 spectators, it was in the recent 2007.

Stadium FC Young Boyz Bern Switzerland - Stone Forest

Creation of Young Boys FC

When the year was 1897, the Swiss Schwab brothers and a couple of local university students decided to watch a football match between FC Bern and the Old Boys. After watching this match, one of the guys came up with the idea to create his own team and give it the name Young Boys, as the antipode of Old Boys. FC Bern, in turn, helped the young club take its first steps.

A few months later, FC Bern made an offer to Young Boys to unite into a single team. At first, the young club wanted to agree to this adventure, but in the end, the guys from Young Boys decided to perform on their own in order to become a completely independent team.

After that, for many years, rivalry between the clubs formed. However, local residents believed that FC Bern looks stronger than young upstarts. As a result, the Switzerland Football Federation decided to hold a fundamental match between the teams.

In 1900, the first game was held before the eyes of a large audience between irreconcilable rivals. The winner in this match could not be identified, but the young team managed to prove that he certainly was no weaker than his senior colleagues.

Due to the fact that Yang Boys was located in the very center of Bern, the team began to naturally appear in their own fans.

After spending only 2 full -fledged seasons in the professional league, the “bees” celebrated the championship. There was 1903 in the yard.

The team celebrated the next championship already in 1909. And the next two seasons also remained for Yang Boys, by the way, only they were able to achieve such success at that time.

The first coach of the team appeared only in 1913. The Englishman Reynold Williams led the yellow-black. However, the First World War pushed all the football ups to the background. After the end of the war in 1920, Yang Boys once again wins the championship, for the fifth time in its history.

Fans and fans of FC Young Boyz Bern Switzerland - Stone Forest

The team took the first Cup of Switzerland in 1930, defeating Arau in the final with a score of 1-0.

After such triumphs, the club for as long as 15 years was left without trophies. And in 1947 he flew to the league B.

In 1951, the club was headed by an inexperienced German Albert Sing. The first year he was a playing coach at all, and then he began a full work. However, it is the times of his reign that is called the “golden era” in the history of the club. With him, the team won the Switzerland Cup, 4 times in a row became the best in the championship. Once the club reached the semifinals of the Champions Cup, but insultingly lost to the French Reims.

After Singa departed from the post of coach, the club sharply began to fever. And the first title for 15 years the team won only in 1977, taking the Switzerland Cup.

In the 90s, a black strip came at the Bee, the team almost went bankrupt. However, one famous investment company Lucerne in 1999 managed to save the club from disappearance.

And thanks to this, in 2001, Yang Boys managed to return to the main league of the country. But “Basel” has not yet been possible to compete with a decent competition.

Now the team continues to compete with Basel for the championship. But the club always has a stable place in European competitions. True, experienced players are not enough for a serious struggle to the team.

FC Young Boyz Bern Switzerland - Stone Forest

Russian trace

Seydu Dumbia is the most striking player who has the experience of performing in Russia and Yang Boys. At one time, it was the Swiss land that gave European football such a good attacker. He definitely left his mark in the history of CSKA and our football.

At the end of August this year, the yellow-black played with the same CSKA in the round of the playoffs of the Champions League.Due to the annoying autoGol in the first meeting, the Swiss team simply could not get together for a return game. As a result, this season the club is content with a performance in the Europa League.