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There are more than a thousand of us! Football players of the Men and Women's Teams of the Popular League, young players of the academy, coaches, administration – we are all the Minsk football club.

Football players


The beginning of the way

On June 19, 1954, by order of the Chairman of the Committee on Physical Culture and Sports, a football school of youth was created on the basis of the Institute of Sports. Similar schools were created in other cities of the country: in Moscow, Leningrad, Kyiv, Tbilisi and Tashkent. Initially, the team participated in the competition for the prizes of the newspaper Banner of Youth, which at that time was called Stalinist youth.

Almost immediately, the team took part in the rally of the championship of the BSSR, which at that time took place in three stages. Having played well in the first two previous stages, the team received the right to perform in the final draw, which took place in Vitebsk, and at which seven groups gathered. Having won five victories in six matches, the club became the champion, and the players of the youth football school players took the symbolic list of the best competitions for the third.


In 1981, a sports complex was built in Minsk for the youth football school, which totaled 18 football fields, which had no analogues in the Soviet Union. The next year, the team was reorganized to the Sports School of the Olympic Reserve of the Mingorshort Committee. In 1987, the team was called Change.

The second league

In 1990, an attempt was made to return the team to adult football. The shift took part in the drawing of the second league of the championship of the BSSR, but in the end it took only the twelfth place. At the same time, one of the coach began working in the club Ludas Rumbutis. In 1991, in the same league, the club took the ninth line.

Eduard Malofeev

The 1992 season spent the club already in the third league of the Belarusian Football Championship. The shift immediately took first place and received the right to play in the division above. After a successful season, the most talented players moved to other clubs, and the team again sank into the league rank below. In those years, such players as Sergey Pavlyukovych, Sergey Shalai, Andrey Lobanov, Andrey Shilo, Vitaly Rogozhkin performed as part of the club. In the 1993/94 season, Eduard Malofeev led the team.

Major League

In 2006, on the basis of the “Shift”, which at that time performed in the first league (and the School-2 team played in the second league), the Minsk club was founded, which immediately became the winner of the first league in the 2006 season (and In the second league, the second team played under the name Change). In the 2007 season, the club first performed in the Premier League, but took 14th place and left again to the first league, from where he returned a year later.

Bronze medals

Minsk is the bronze medalist of the High League of Belarus.Having spent a bright season under the leadership of the head coach Vitaly Tarakanov, the team set its own record in the championships of the country, taking 3rd place with 60 points (18 victories, 6 draws and 9 defeats). The 2nd place was taken by Shakhtar (66 points), and BATE (72 points) became the champion. According to the results of the championship, which was held in three circles, Andrei Razin became the best scorer of the team with 11 goals.

Belarusian Cup

Belarusian Cup

“Minsk” for the first time in its history became the owner of the Belarusian Cup in football. On the way to the final, “Isloch”, “Gorodya”, “Gomel” and “Torpedo-Belaz” were beaten. In the decisive meeting, which was held in Zhodino, the “townspeople” met with Minsk Dynamo. For the match, which gathered 5200 spectators, 11 buses with the fans of our club arrived. The main and additional time of the game ended with a score of 1: 1 – scored Sergey Sosnovsky (33 ’) and Ernan Figeredo from the penalty (36’). In the series of post -match penalties, Minsk (4: 1) turned out to be stronger, after which he raised a well -deserved trophy above his head.