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The image is a fixation device, which is most often used in dentistry

Fake: A SCRIENCY SCREASE OF CREASE for Forced vaccination was created

But this – Fake. Medical equipment is issued for a nationwide shirt for compulsory vaccination – this is a device for fixing the Papoose Board board. It has been used at least since the 1990s.

The papuz board is used when the head is necessary, most often in children's dentistry or in the treatment of patients with intellectual developmental disorders. The device limits the movement of the arms and legs so that they do not interfere with dental manipulations. And this approach is subjected to considerable criticism, since the restriction in movement can morally injure.

The American Association of Children's Dentistry advises using such a practice of stabilization with the consent of parents or guardians, providing alternative immobilization options: drugs (the introduction of a sedative, general anesthesia) or non -united (fixing the head with medical staff, which works paired with a dentist). It is also advised that during the procedure itself, parents or relatives are located near the patients – this can reassure.

Step -by -step instructions for the medical staff for the use of papuza board


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