Eric Ten Hag - new coach Manchester United

Eric Ten Hag – new coach "Manchester United" – MK Cheboksary

Last Thursday, the club officially confirmed the appointment of a Dutch specialist to the post of head coach Manchester United. The invitation of Eric Ten Haga is the reaction of the Manchester leadership for the failure season.

Eric Ten Hag – new coach Manchester United

Eric Ten Hag - new coach Manchester United

But the coach can manage to prove himself in the last rounds – United fights for a place in the Champions League next year, lagging behind Arsenal and Tottenham by three points. If you decide to put Ronaldo and the company on Cristiano, then get acquainted with the coefficients for the closest matches of MU and you can get Fritet from legal bookmakers on the Legalbet portal.

Manchester United needs a lot of restructuring to regain the status of a top club. But there is no certainty that Eric Ten Hag will cope with this task. Here are a few reasons:

  • Ten Hag has no experience working with large clubs and status players. The Dutchman himself pumped the Ajax players and returned the reputation of a strong European club. In Man United, the tasks are more complex, and the pressure is higher.
  • It is not known whether the new coach can adapt his tactical ideas under the speed of the Premier League. It is not the fact that the principles of the game Ten Haga will work in the English championship as effective as in Eredivisi.
  • The current composition of Manchester United is not suitable for the model of the game of a 52-year-old specialist. The style of Eric Ten Haga is sharpened on the ability of players to get out of pressure, and a clear structure allows in any situation to have an addressee for transmission. In other words, United will lure the opponent in pressure, freeing zones for his own attacks. Now in Manchester, only two or three players have the necessary qualities and are suitable for ten Haga.

The MJ management had two options for the further development of the club. The first is to appoint a status specialist who knows how to work with top players and is able to give a result in a short time. The second is to invite a systemic coach, who radically change the style of the team and will be able to start the process of restructuring. As shown by Manchester City and Liverpool cases, the second option is more effective in the long run. United chose him.

Eric Ten Hag has long earned a chance to try his hand at a large club. But Manchester will again have to seriously update the composition so that the players meet the requirements of the head coach. The main question is whether the Dutch coach will be able to engage in a commercial club and bring the United from the eternal crisis.

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