Electric trains and trains on the route Osipovichi Minsk: Schedule for today and tomorrow from

Electric trains and trains on the route Osipovichi Minsk: Schedule for today and tomorrow

Electric trains and trains on the route Osipovichi Minsk: Schedule for today and tomorrow

From the Osipovichi to the metropolitan Minsk, you can get both on a shop of an electric train and on a shelf of a long -distance train. Moreover, in the first case, you will have a choice among 15 different trains, and in the second – already among 25 trains.

The first composition towards the capital leaves at 3:04 am at night, and the last at 22:30 pm. The speed of the train is on average – 1 hour and 49 minutes, despite the fact that the slowest train will “roll” you without two minutes 3 hours, and the fastest one in 1 hour and 1 minute.

The Minsk Osipovichi route may interest not only those who want to get to the end station, but also travelers who are admitting to Mikhanovichi or Vereytsy, since almost all electric trains stay here.


Schedule of trains and trains Osipovichi Minsk for today and tomorrow:

Schedule of trains and trains Minsk Osipovichi for today and tomorrow:

6915 Zhlobin – Minsk. Departs at 8:12 (station Osipovichi-3). Arrival at the Institute of Culture in Minsk – 10:41. Without stopping at the Verh, Technician, New Selo and Zheleznodorozhny.
6919 Sending – 11:19, arrival 13:21.
6733/6767 departs at 12:00, at the Minsk-Sevelen station at 14:04. Without stopping at the Equal -Apolar and Aseevka.


The suburban train Zhlobin-Minsk under the number 6921. arrives at the Osipovichi-3 station at 12:35 day, and will deliver you to the capital at 15:05, leaving it as much as the Institute of Culture.
6923 Time: 13:35 – 15:48.
6925 leaves at 14:29, arrives at a place at 16:33 (follows the Institute of Culture).
6929 Sending: 16:22, arrival at the Minsk-Pass station-18:25.
6931 at the Osipovichi-3 station, you can sit on it at 16:54. You can go to the final Minsk Pass at 19:25.
6935 Movement time: 18:38 – 19:25.
6937 or 6837. At the Osipovichi-3 station, he makes a stop at 19:36 p.m. In the capital, at the Minsk-Pass station, stops at 22:21, after 2 hours and 45 minutes on the way.
6941, which departs at 21:42, and comes to the Minsk-Pass station at 23:46. He walks on all days except Sunday.


And finally, the last electric train: Osipovichi – Minsk, number 6737. The latest is the fastest, since only 1 hour and 32 minutes moves. It leaves at 22:30, and you will deliver you to 00:02 to the place (that is, to the station of the Minsk-Pass station). It follows on Sundays.
It is important to remember: the electric train in this list moves according to a special schedule, so before planning a trip to them, it will be useful to call the nearest station and clarify the schedule.

Scheme of the route of traffic and trains Osipovichi Minsk on the map:

On average, an electric train moving along the Osipovichi route – the capital, makes 18 stops on the way, the “run” between which they take about six minutes of time.