A column of smoke and bright flames can be seen for many kilometers

Donetsk today – an oil depot caught fire in the Kirovsky district, the Russians blame Ukraine, photo and video – Telegraf

An oil depot caught fire in the occupied Donetsk – the fire in the Kirovsky district of the city started late at night, they still cannot put it out

Tank farm on fire in occupied Donetsk: photo and video

A column of smoke and bright flames can be seen for many kilometers

On the night of Friday, March 29, a fire broke out at a local oil depot in temporarily occupied Donetsk. The Russian occupiers traditionally blame the Ukrainian side for the fire – allegedly this happened due to shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but there is no evidence of this.

Photos and videos are published by the local Telegram channel Donetsk Today, reports Telegraph.

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The fire broke out on the territory of the Kirovsky district of Donetsk.

The fire occurred in the Kirovsky district

The fire occurred in the Kirovsky district

The specific location of the object, of course, was not disclosed, but the fire itself and a huge column of smoke are clearly visible from many parts of the city.

Occupation troops continue to hit Ukraine with rockets

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A lot of frames of the fire have already been leaked on the network – both photos and videos.

Among the reasons for the fire, the occupying authorities of Donetsk name the only one – alleged shelling by the Ukrainian army. Moreover, they claim that the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired at least six shells at the Kirovsky district at night. Ukraine has not yet commented on the incident.

No deaths or injuries have yet been reported, and efforts to put out the fire are ongoing.

It should be noted that various cataclysms, and especially fires, are increasingly occurring in the territories controlled by Russia. So, the other day a fire broke out in an ammunition depot near Belgorod, and later it became known about the fire of a medical center in the center of Moscow.