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Digiline 7000HD 7000 HD Satellite Receiver Firmware Optibox Alligator Panthera Next Ye-2000 BAS

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RJ-45 Ethernet 10/100 Port
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Identical receivers – clones

Receiver Region CAS/Red Code ID Mod FW Loader
F/w ID Download
BAS HD9200 PVR Australia 0000 VV Gy Ba VVGY019.11 B04.26
Digiline 7000HD Latvia 0000 VV EC Us VVEC020.99 B04.42
Drake 5500t Full HD Egypt, U.A.E. VV PL EG
Evolution Infinity Plus Ukraine 0000 VV EC MS VVEC020.72 B04.34
*Gi ST9195HD Russia 0000 VV Gy GI VVGY020.94 B04.42
Manhattan Passion 1920lx+ Indonesia 2142 VV Gy AE VVGY020.99 B04.42
NEXT YE-2000 DOBRATECH Turkey 1234 VV EC TK VVEC020.99 B04.42
*Ob Alligator HD TSE Europe 2320 VV PL ES VVPL020.99 B04.42
Oron ISTS-2000HD Israel 0000 VV Gy On VVGY020.94 B04.42
Pro Sky HD-S400Sci-T Kazakhstan 0000 VV Gy Or VVGY020.99 B04.42
Sab Ultimedia 8000 HD Netherlands 1117 VV EC SA VVEC020.99 B04.42
Skygate HD Plus Ukraine 0000 VV Gy Ua VVGY020.72 B04.34
Supermax ShD 7000 CACI 0000 VV PL Du VVPL020.94 B04.42
with wifi
*Gi ST9196HD Russia 0000 VV Gy GI VVGY020.94 B04.42
Without DVB-T
Drake 5500 Full HD Egypt, U.A.E. VV PL EG VVPL020.67 B04.34
Ob* Panthera HD 2Ci2CXE PVR Europe 2320 VV PL ES VVPL020.72 B04.34
Pro Sky HD-S400SCI Kazakhstan 0000 VV Gy Or VVGY020.94 B04.42
Starmax Full HD 2×2 Plus 0000 VV Gy Sm VVGY020.94 B04.42
Supermax SM 2100 HD 0000 VV PL Du VVPL020.94 B04.42


Information about the possibilities of the receiver:
Personal office for the provider Paduga .
Turn on Ci Message in Menu – CAS – CAS section.
Turn on the receiver on the channel Hunting and Fishing.
We create a personal account on the website of the provider of the Paadug.
A few seconds later, after you created your personal account, the Record Receiver.
We go into the properties of the card, to the email option and see there a new message there, when opening which will be visible to the personal account code, which must be entered to activate it.

OSD menu

OSD Languages ​​Menu Languages) f/w-20.53:

English: francais: Russian: Arabic: Persian: Turkce: German: Italia: česky: Polski: Espanol: Nederlands: Greek: Svenska: Slovenski: Magyar: Latvian: Eesti: Eesti: Eesti: Eesti: Eesti

Update by (procedure)

POD update in the Digiline 7000HD receiver via COM port:
The loading of the firmware through the SOM-port is used for any failures in the receiver, when the firmware loading through the USB port is no longer passing or the option when, after loading the firmware via a USB port, the receiver cannot load, and repeated loading of the firmware through a USB port It does not pass. If the firmware is loaded without problems via a USB port, then it makes no sense to use this option for loading through a catfish.
The process of loading the firmware through a COM port takes about 20 minutes.
The instructions for loading the software in the receiver via a COM port can be downloaded below, in the Instructions (Manuals) section, and the necessary STBLINK V03.00 program in the program for the receiver.
A WARNING! Do not disconnect the receiver during the update process! This can lead to the failure of the receiver!