Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Without Kevordo R.I.P.Tide 2022.02.21 – Operation Riptide Has Come to a Close, But All of the Game Modes In Riptide Will Live On, Including Short Competitive

Without Kevordo


2022.02.21 –

Operation Riptide Has Come to a Close, But All of the Game Modes Introdued in Riptide Will Live on, Including Short Competitive Matches and Free-FORE-FORE-FORNEDMATSH. Those of You Who Still Have Stars to Spend Canim Operation Until March 27th.

Turning the Tide

Today We’re Swapping Some of the Community Maps in Cs: GO. BASALT, RAVINE, EXTRACTION, INSERTION II, and County Have Been Removed, and Six New Maps have Entered the Pool.

Iris and Climb Have Been Added to Official Matchmaking, and ARA AVAILABLE IN CASUAL, Competitive, and Deathmatch Game Modes.

In Wingman, You can try hand at two New Maps: Crete and Hive.

Meanwhile, There Two New Danger Zone Maps Available. Take A Stroll Through Vineyard, and Watch Your Step in Ember!

Capsule with stickers Hall of meetings

2022.02.02 –

Today we produce a capsule with the stickers Hall of meetings containing 22 unique stickers from artists from the Steam workshop.

Pour coffee, sit down and look at our dizdok: stickers are already in the game!

The BoardRom Sticker Capsule

2022.02.01 –

Today We are Releasing the BoardRom Sticker Capsule, Featuring 22 Unique Stickers from Steam Workshop Artists.

So Grab a Seat, Bring Your Coffee and Check the Design doc; These Stickers are Available now!

Case Grozes and Nightmares

2022.01.20 –

Today comes the “Dreams and Nightmares” case, which contains 17 coloring weapons from the CS: GO workshop, chosen during the competition of the same name, and rare awards in the form of knives of the Operations Water operation!

The CS: Go team examined more than 15,000 works from around the world and chose 17 coloring, which fell into this case. Each of them brought its creators to 100,000 US dollars, and in the total amount of the prize fund amounted to 1.7 million dollars.

The winners were created by 23 different artists, for 14 of which these were the first creations loaded into the workshop. We want to thank all the participants who sent their work for the competition.

Case is already available in the game and on the trading platform!

Service medal in 2022

2021.12.27 –

Make New Year with a medal for the service in 2022, available from January 1.

Having reached the rank of Marshal (level 40), you can reset it and receive (or improve) the medal for the service in 2022, which will be visible next to your avatar.

Play CS: GO is always nice, so connect to the game and earn experience!