Coffin-chronicle | Bobsoccer; Letov and CSKA

Coffin-chronicle | Bobsoccer – Letov and CSKA

Without Kevordo

The life of wonderful families

Sergey and Yegor Letov

They brought a man of Russian (Tatar, Bashkir, Kalmyk, Udmurt, Mari, Chuvash, Mordvinsky and the Kazakh that joined them) to a boiling point. And he picked up. What happened was taken. And he went to fight against serfs. Katerina got everyone then, I got it straight. Yes, and Cossacks in addition. A large wave rose to the peasant-citizenship, and on its crest was Emelyan Ivanovich Pugachev. Don Cossack. They are Don. Raise the buch from time to time. And this wave rolled up to Siberia. No, I’m not going to draw any analogies, I only remind you that I began the leader on the Don, continued for the Urals, and finished in Moscow at the age of Christ. Drunk of fresh blood, A.S. Pushkin wrote about this.

“Meanwhile, at the beginning of 1774 in areas, remotely remotely from the place of concentration of the Bibikov’s troops, the rebels' units achieved major successes. In January 1774, they captured a number of villages, fortresses and factories in the Perm province, besieged Kungur, in the outskirts of which fierce battles with the city garrison unfolded. ” Of the local peasants, they have long made working mining enterprises, working conditions were unbearable, the Perm people were indignant and joined Salavat Yulaev with comrades, whose name is known not only to admirers of the history of the Russian state, but also to numerous sports lovers. He was a robber from a high road, felts of an independence fighter, this is like someone. After all, people, too, are not the whole side of the rebels sided. Look like Kungur. And they did not give. But the inhabitants of the surrounding villages, including the villages of Golukhino, entered the ranks of the rebels. Everything was mixed there. People, horses, rockers.

God knows where this Golukhino was, but has existed since the middle of the 17th century. And it lived. After the uprising, the peasants were not exterminated, and by the beginning of the 20th century the settlement had its own church and school with it, different farms, hemp fields, a little later than the village council, the feldsher-obstetric station, and in the mid-50s and the first tractor. Everything is like people. Only without a stick you will not come. Wolves.

The Great Patriotic War did not bypass the inhabitants of this Perm village, and this village sent to the front who could scrape around the yards. She scrapped on a civilian, now on this one, the most bloody for all times. The very young Golukhintsy Fedor Letov was gathered by the saint bursts on the long road, crossed, or maybe they simply kissed goodbye, and the peasant simple guy went to protect his homeland as a volunteer.

For a new life, let the young man looked with wide eyes with wide open eyes from the front. He knew a lot of what was unknown to the inhabitants of the cities, but even more than that, he himself was unknown.The first discovery in his life was Kazan. And here Kazan, and always Kazan. All roads lead to Kazan. And from Perm and from Moscow. And he immediately fell into the steel embrace of the goddess of war -artillery. So far in the training. But with their studies in these institutions during the war, they did not delay, the new -novelant artilleryman was sent to the Dopomplex of the Leningrad militia. With heavy battles, his division from Bologov to the Baltic Sea passed. Nature did not endow fedor with high growth, but did not give it to it did not mean deprived. I had to charge the guns and establish a connection, and even go into reconnaissance. But the reconnaissance did not work out a little. And all of the great desire to track the tongue or sniper. He climbed onto a tree, he was not used to it, but Fritz looked out so stubbornly that he lit his whereabouts of the glasses of binoculars. Fortunately, a German sniper also let down something.

Fedor Letov

So, artillery, artillery and artillery again. Although, captured Germans had to be escorted. Here is a small -sized soldier on the side, and the next escort meters in fifty. A little creepy, but Fritz is disciplined people and did not take attempts to escape. And the war ended, meanwhile, and Sergeant Letov Fedor Dmitrievich decides to connect his further life with the army. Only now he was from that part of the soldiers who do not dream of becoming generals. It happens. And our army did not regret that such an excellent specialist remained in its ranks. And there were enough commanders without him.

Victory at classical struggle competitions. Fedor Letov

In addition to the army service, Fedor became very friends with sports. He became a fighter of the classical style, with honor speaking at district competitions. He won victories in various tournaments and championships. Football fell in love, as it turned out, for the rest of his life. And for the rest of his life, the “Lieutenant team” became the favorite team. TsKA, CDSA, CSK MO, CSKA. He visited business trips in many cities of the USSR, without missing, if possible, matches with the participation of our army squad. Sometimes there were small skirmishes with local fans when too “zealo” was ill for his own. But Fedor Dmitrievich is not a timid ten. You will not take with your bare hands. After all, he still pushed and pulled out the bar, although he once did not even imagine what it was. The words bar were not in his vocabulary. But he took possession of this sports discipline with the same persistence with which he achieved what he planned on his life path. Here, love came by accident. Or maybe tea. Tamara Georgievna was a representative of one of the most humane professions on Earth. She was a doctor. Moreover, in such a dysfunctional city from a medical point of view, Semipalatinsk, where the next hero of our narrative Sergey Fedorovich Letov, the eldest of the famous brothers, was born.

Sergey Letov on a tank made by soldiers

In 1959, the Letov family moved to Omsk, which became truly dear to them for many years. In this city, Fedor Dmitrievich received a teacher's diploma, and the youngest son Yegor (Igor) was born here. Love for sports, and in particular for football, army football, was passed from father to sons. Yes, and how she could not cross, if at first they even lived in a barrack for military personnel, which once served as a stable for the cavalry of Alexander Vasilyevich Kolchak. This unpretentious building was located in the village of Chkalovsky on the outskirts of Omsk. Naturally, there was a House of Officers in the village, where musical concerts were held. In many ways, attending concerts in this haven of Siberian muses influenced the brothers' life choices regarding their commitment to CSKA and Music.

But if Sergei stood and stands on a very solid army foundation, then Yegor was peculiar, due to his protest nature in a sense, to look for new forms of football preferences. This applies to his statements in the mid-90s about the Vladikavkaz Alania, its internationalism. original approach. But Egor always recognized his army roots, family, calling his relatives like-minded people in rooting for CSKA.

Yegor Letov guarding the gate

When in 1964 the first TV set appeared in the Letov family, with a tiny screen and a huge lens against its background, Big Football, which was not spoiled by the Omsk broadcast, began to acquire real forms and colors for the young fan. Yes, black and white, but the masters played, whose names thundered throughout the country. And they could be seen. But the main link between Sergei Fedorovich and his favorite game at that time was still the radio. And Omsk did not show the second match in Tashkent, the golden match for our team, on TV. Holding their breath, the family listened to the radio report. For the father of the family, Fyodor Dmitrievich, this was a long-awaited victory after nineteen years of hopes and aspirations. And for the guys it was a confirmation of the correctness of the choice, although it seems that there could not be another in this wonderful family. And of course, the first idols in the life of a young fan. Albert Alekseevich Shesternev, Vladimir Grigorievich Fedotov, Yuri Pavlovich Pshenichnikov and our other army men of that golden generation entered forever in the heart of Sergey.

Tamara Georgievna Letova also liked to play football at her leisure

Egor also loved football, whenever possible, he tried to attend matches. He was very well versed in the intricacies of our favorite game. And if the interlocutor at the beginning of the conversation had some skepticism towards the rebel musician, then he quickly disappeared, thanks to Yegor's very reasonable approach to many football problems of domestic football of the post-Soviet era. And of course, foreign football. The leader of the Civil Defense knew a lot about him. Yes, and almost the entire Coffin was hung with posters with images of players from famous clubs. And, of course, CSKA.Unfortunately, a well -known and for many, the beloved musician did not live to this day. He lived in Omsk all his life, he was born there, and there he found his last shelter. Bright memory of the musician-Armyets.

Egor Letov during a well -known interview with RFV
Photo by Andrei Malosolov

Sergei Fedorovich, the eldest of the Letov brothers, drinks green tea from a snow -white cup of a cafe in a GTSIA with sips. His voice is black, measured, intelligible. Saxophonist musician, improviser, composer. He gives lectures and teaches. Block, not a person. Flower is not a family. Sergey is going to present the book of his comrade and farewells expresses hope to visit our new stadium. In this I promise him to help him and always with pleasure compile a company. But Sergey Fedorovich complains that the weekly of the musician is a weekend for the public and there is practically no way to attend matches with the participation of his favorite team. But let's, dear readers, CSKA fans, we will assure the famous musician that we will always be happy to see him on the gerbil. And of course, we wish creative success and happiness. And happiness is his family. And the youngest daughter, when she was only a year old, began to watch football on TV, where little little men ran after such a familiar ball. During this spectacle, it was eaten well, and, accordingly, the mood of all family members improved.

It was not very long that our troops will be held by the Victory Parade in the areas of many Russian cities. The veteran of the Great Patriotic War Fedor Dmitrievich Letov will observe this magnificent sight in Omsk. His Omsk, where he lived most of his difficult and heroic life. Recently, the family celebrated the 90th anniversary of the honored veteran. With all my heart, with all my heart we congratulate Fedor Dmitrievich on the Day of Great Victory! Health and happiness to the army! And thank you very much!

Fedor Dmitrievich Letov