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The Parker Club online store is a place where you can buy original Parker and Waterman pens of any model with delivery in Moscow.

Parker and Waterman pen store official website

Parker's accessories, including pens, have earned universal recognition. Today it is a symbol of solidity and wealth. You can buy a Parker pen from us on favorable terms. A large assortment is impressive and allows you to choose the most suitable product. These reliable and comfortable models are also known for the fact that they were able to become a cult promotional souvenir.

Parker pens are bright representatives of the legendary brand. Its history spans over a hundred years. The Parker brand was founded by schoolteacher George Safford Parker. George had a very small income and was forced to earn extra money. As a secondary job, he chose the profession of an agent selling stationery, including pens.

While communicating with clients, George Parker heard more than once about the low quality of products. So he came up with the idea to create a special pen, different from others in quality, design and practicality. He managed to create unique models, so successful people with high status and excellent taste began to buy Parker pens.

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The arguments that speak in favor of buying a writing instrument of this particular brand are simply impossible to dispute. Pens Parker are still modern and reliable. This accessory serves each owner for a long time even with daily use.

Also, the Parker pen says a lot about its owner. In this it is similar to a car or a watch. A variety of products allows everyone to find and buy the model that suits him. The Parker pens presented in our store are more than just a writing instrument. They are perfect and like works of art.

Our store offers to buy Parker products in Moscow at competitive prices. We have a wide range of accessories of this brand. All Parker products are of guaranteed quality, and bonus points can cheer everyone up. The catalog also contains branded consumables that will be required during operation.

Parker pens are the perfect gift

This accessory is a win-win gift option for a business partner, colleague or loved one. A wide range of Parker products allows you to buy a souvenir in our store for any occasion. For example, simple pieces like rollerballs make great business accessories. But expensive, gem-studded Parker fountain pens are a great option for VIPs, especially high-value clients. This is a great present for significant events, for example, entering a university or receiving a diploma. You can also buy a Parker pen and give it as a gift for an anniversary.

In a business environment, it is customary to exchange these accessories when signing important agreements and major contracts. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that most businessmen decide to buy Parker pens for signing especially important documents. Their application will once again confirm the correctness of the decision, showing the partner's business spirit.

Which Parker is better to buy

To date, the manufacturer offers you several main lines of writing instruments. At the same time, each Parker handle complements the next, so there is a unique opportunity to combine several products into a whole set. The lineup begins with feather products. It was these Parker pens that brought success to the manufacturer and became traditional. The devices have an advanced ink supply system. The company offers a wide range of Parker fountain pens. You can buy them in Moscow at an affordable price in our store.

The next option offered by the company is ball products. In them, the main writing element is a ball made of tungsten carbide. Its surface is treated in a special way. This ensures legibility and clarity of writing. The ink of this line has a high density, due to which they last for a long time. It is important to know that you can use specially designed gel refills with a ballpoint pen, which you can also buy from us.

Parker rollerballs use liquid ink, just like fountain pens. They do not fade and are not washed off even with the help of solvents. A special system through which ink is supplied allows you to precisely adjust their flow. In our store you can order a parker roller. At the same time, you can be sure that the desired accessory will become yours at the designated time.

The company's product range also includes another modern line: these are innovative pens of the fifth generation. They look like feathers, but their feather is just a decorative part. The flex-tip stem ensures the convenience and ease of use of every model in the range. Buying a Parker pencil means providing yourself with a reliable writing accessory. The international guarantee for this series of Parker pens is two years from the date of purchase.

Why is it profitable to buy a Parker pen in Moscow

The company pays special attention to the production process. It uses traditional methods and new technologies. Since the release of the first Parker handle, the company has been trying to maintain a unique combination of elegant design and absolute reliability. Therefore, buying Parker means getting absolute confidence in writing accessories.

Today, the assortment of the company consists of several collections. Each of them has its own peculiarity, thanks to which Parker's handles want to buy. All products of the company meet standards and are designed for long -term use. When creating models, high -precision technologies are used, so Parker’s prestigious pen will not only delight the owner for a long time after buying with his aesthetic appearance, but also ensure comfort and ease of writing daily.