Children's camps in the Krasnodar Territory – buy a ticket from the tour operator new season, prices for 2022

Children's camps at sea

Children's camps in the Krasnodar Territory

The nature of the Krasnodar Territory is quite rich and diverse. The azure sea with pebble and sandy beaches, mountains with lush vegetation, mountain rivers, waterfalls, clean healing air – all that is necessary for a good rest on the Black Sea coast.

Children's health camps located in the Krasnodar Territory occupy the most protected and beautiful corners of this region. Many have many years of history, have their own traditions. All camps unite the high quality of the organization of rest – starting with domestic conditions and nutrition, ending with leisure activities.

Children's camps and rest in the Krasnodar Territory

At all times, such a vacation was considered the most prestigious. Currently, guys aged 6-7 to 17 years are accepted, in some-up to 22. All organizations have large well-groomed territories and developed infrastructure. Experienced pedagogical staff are located next to children 24 hours a day. Programs are designed for almost any contingent, there are options for sports, linguistic, artistic orientation, general development, educational and many others. Everyone will find a lesson in interests.

  • entertainment events;
  • delicious and diverse food;
  • entertaining campaigns;
  • interesting excursions;
  • many competitions;
  • Fascinating quests.

This list can be continued indefinitely. The main feature of the camps for children's vacations in the Krasnodar Territory is an unforgettable time that will be spent with great benefit for physical and intellectual development.