Photo of goods Children's bicycle Stark Tanuki 18 Boy (2021) City (Children's.) Count.: 18 Black/Red 10.5kg (HD00000301) online store Top compartment

Children's bicycle Stark Tanuki 18 Boy (2021) City (Children's.) Kol: 18; Black/Red (HD00000301) Children's (frame S), chain drive • wheels 18, speeds 1, speeds 1

Buy a children's bicycle Stark Tanuki 18 Boy (2021) city (childish.) Count .: 18 quot; Black/Red 10.5kg (HD00000301) Children (frame S), chain drive • wheels 18 quot;, speeds 1, speeds 1 in the Top Computer store. Call: 8 (495) 926-26-41 for Moscow and 8 (800) 555-05-81 other cities.

Children's bicycle Stark Tanuki 18 Boy (2021) City (Children's.) Col.: 18 Black/Red 10.5kg (HD00000301)

Photo of goods Children's bicycle Stark Tanuki 18 Boy (2021) City (Children's.) Count.: 18 Black/Red 10.5kg (HD00000301) online store Top compartment

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General characteristics
Type: Kid's bicycle
Age: Children
Appointment: for boys
Type of drive: chain
Electricity: No
Mileage on one charge: No
Maximum load: 30 kg
Number of speeds: 1
Bicycle weight: 10.5 kg
Rama, fork
Dimensions of the frame: S.
Depreciation: is absent
Fork design: Hard
Rama material: Aluminium alloy
Name of tires: Wanda 2.125
Wheel diameter: 18
Features of the design of the wheels: The ability to fasten the side wheels
Rear brake: elementary
Front brake type: is absent
Rear brake type: foot
Cassette: 16t
Number of speeds: 1
The number of stars in the cassette: 1
Number of system stars: 1, number of teeth 36
Steering wheel
Ware design: curved
The design of the steering column: non -integrated, threaded
Additional Information
In the kit: chain protection, side wheels, wings, bell
Other properties
Manufacturer code: HD00000301
The weight: 10.500

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