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When buying gaming and sports equipment, customers of our company can use the 3D visualization service. This is a three -dimensional design aimed at constructing the most realistic appearance of the desired object. It can be used for virtual layout of playgrounds.

Three -dimensional visualization allows you to design the desired area taking into account all the requirements of the client. These include, for example, the placement of children's gaming equipment on it. This technique allows the customer to clearly understand how the site will look after it filling it with the inventory.

Using 3D visualization, you can create a projection of the necessary object while maintaining all proportions. Thus, the client receives an actually reduced image of a really planned site. The Sports Leo Civil Code invites his customers to choose not only its layout, but also the style, color scheme and manufacturing materials.


Visualization of your project before installing on the ground

If you made an order and want to plan in advance the location of the individual elements of the site on the ground and on the scale, our specialists can make 3D visualization and provide you with a colorful project with real models and security zones.

Art. Krylovskaya

New children's playground of Art. Krylovskaya Krasnodar region of the Leningrad district. You can find different models in our catalog. [Gallery IDS = 3621,3622,3623,3624,3625,3626,3627,3628 Columns = 4 size = medium]

D. Kucheyanovo, Udmurtia

On the eve of the autumn school holidays, a new children's playground appeared in the village of Kucheyanovo, Alnash district of the Republic of Udmurtia. The new game complex, as well as a swing, carousels and other elements became the pride of local guys. The complete improvement of the territory was completed on time and comfortably transformed the territory. Thanks to the joint efforts of the local administration and the work of our com.