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The Republican Chess Cup of the Bashkir Soda Company ended in Sterlitamak.

BSC organized the Republican Chess Cup

In the history of the enterprise, this is the first large-scale project dedicated to this intellectual sport. The competitions were held in the sports hall of the BSC. The tournament was attended by 112 people – the best chess players of Sterlitamak and other regions of Russia. Employees of the enterprise and their children also tested themselves in chess battles. According to the organizers, the main goal they pursued was to popularize chess as an intellectual sport among young people and adults.

For two days, in a sharp and intense struggle, the participants of the tournament had to show not only true devotion to the game, but also demonstrate outstanding skill, prove their right to be the strongest. All participants of the tournament coped with this task with dignity.

For employees of the company and their children, a separate offset was made. As the factory workers themselves admit, it is honorable and interesting to fight with professional athletes, but it is still difficult to beat them.

As a result of a two-day struggle, the results were as follows:
Tournament A:

1st place – Ildar Imashev (Ufa);

2nd place – Rinat Kunakkuzin (Sterlitamak);

3rd place – Maxim Ermakov (Sterlitamak).

1st place – Nikolai Makeev (Orenburg region);

2nd place – Levon Azizyan (v. Mesyagutovo);

3rd place – Evgeny Humenny (Ufa).

Credit among BSC employees:

1st place – Vladimir Fedorov (Sterlitamak);

2nd place – Yuri Kiselev (Sterlitamak);

3rd place – Alexander Vakin (Sterlitamak).

Children of BSC employees:

1st place – Ilya Denisov (Sterlitamak);

2nd place – Rassul Akkuzhin (Sterlitamak);

3rd place – Gleb Savelyev (Sterlitamak).

Offset among children born in 2004-2006:

1st place – Tagir Khatmullin (Ufa);

2nd place – Peter Gupalo (Sterlitamak);

3rd place – Camilla Baiburina (Chishmy village).

Offset among children born in 2007-2009:

1st place – Kamil Islamov (Nefteyugansk region);

2nd place – Anastasia Strelkova (Meleuz);

3rd place – Vladislav Melin (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug).

Offset among children born in 2010-2011:

1st place – Arseniy Gusev (Sterlitamak);

2nd place – Ruslan Bayanov (Salavat);

3rd place – Kamil Ibragimov (Salavat).

Offset among children born in 2012 and younger:

1st place – Gayar Yahudin (Moscow);

2nd place – Samira Ishkinina (Salavat);

3rd place – Dinar Baiburin (Chishmy village).

The winners were awarded cups and cash prizes.

The participants noted the high level of organization of the competition, and the Bashkir Soda Company plans to make the Cup traditional and dedicate it to the International Chess Day.

The Bashkir Soda Company actively supports and develops sports. It doesn’t matter what a person does: runs, swims or plays chess, this person is already a champion, because he chooses a healthy lifestyle, develops mentally and physically.And BSC tries to encourage such people who are purposeful and enthusiastic by organizing various sports competitions for athletes.