Boutique Hotel Grand Sova

Grand Sova is a cozy boutique hotel with a spa complex and an author's restaurant in the city of Ples

Boutique Hotel Grand Sova

Boutique hotel Grand Sova is located on the second coastline of one of the most beautiful rivers in Russia – the Volga.

What an amazing view from our windows! He was painted more than once in his paintings by Levitan.

Once, in a review, a guest wrote about the hotel: “A house from a childhood dream.” We took it as a credo – because it is so.

The design of the hotel is thematic – owls: owls on furniture, paintings, dishes, interior and exterior details. Two owls live in the hotel, Sonya and Zhora, the favorites of the guests.

In our hotel, all rooms, regardless of their category, are made with soul. Each room is individual: interior, decor, character. We want to make your life brighter and a little warmer. Upon arrival, each guest we offer a set of three types of liqueurs. Each room has a shawl for ladies, for children – small bathrobes. The highlight of our rooms is the pillow bar, from which each guest can purchase a pillow with a different aroma of medicinal herbs. In the evenings, the guest can please himself with a visit to the SPA and an interesting film from our media library.

The owner and ideological inspirer of the Grand Sova Hotel is Natalia Myasoedova, a landscape architect by profession. Natalia realized her old dream – a small hotel in the heart of Russia, where it is cozy and tasty, like at home.

We believe that our main merit is that we not only love our guests, we love them and surround them with such warmth and care that they want to come back to us again and again (50% of the guests are our regular guests).