All-Over-IP 2012: an unsurpassed atmosphere for each participant and visitor; "Hacker"

All-Over-IP 2012: We recommend that the unsurpassed atmosphere for each participant and visitor read: XAKEP #275. Pocket spies new All -over-IP 2012 significantly improved

All-Over-IP 2012: Unrivaled atmosphere for each participant and visitor

We recommend reading:

XAKEP #275. Pocket spies

The new All -oveer-IP 2012 has significantly improved hospitality. All recommendations of the participants and the opinions of guests are taken into account. This year you will receive a completely new experience in participating and visiting the exhibition.

A warm welcome, friendly attitude and a high level of service for all participants and visitors are the key differences in the updated All -over-IP 2012 forum.

Registration = Personal Schedule

The Grotecksmatrevent system provides preliminary registration for the forum. Each registered visitor:

– gains access to the materials of the exhibitors before the start of the forum;
– can form a personal visit program;
– Save time when receiving badge on the forum.

My ticket, my program

Having issued registration on the site, you can print in the My All-AVER-IP section: print:

– Your personal ticket;
– your personal program and the plan of the exhibition;
– Pass-port program (and take part in the iPhone5 draw).

Convenient platform

Pavilion No. 4 is located in one of the most beautiful parks in Moscow – Sokolniki. The location scheme is on the site. It is convenient to get: from the metro station Sokolniki – 2 minutes to the central gate of the park, then right along the central alley to the surfactant. 4.

All the events of the forum (exhibition, seminars, conferences, demo zone) are held inside one pavilion. There are also communication and nutrition zones.

Car entry, parking

Entrance for cars-free through the 3rd Radigs (at the entrance, inform you that you are going to the All -over-IP forum). The passage scheme is on the site. Near Pav. 4 – free parking.

Training certificates

Training certificates can be noted in the office of the organizers (see the scheme) on November 21 and 22. The name of the host organization is LLC Grotk.


Every day from 10:00 a bar and a cafe are working on the forum. Here you can eat, drink coffee and chat with colleagues.

Buyers Lounge – Needstery Zone for Customers

Especially for managers and specialists of customer companies, Buyers' Lounge (access-according to the Badej Customer) is organized. Here you can drink coffee, get acquainted with fresh issues of security publications, IT and communications, chat with colleagues and conduct negotiations on procurement (forum plan).

Exhibitor Lounge – Needstery Zone for Exhibents

Especially for the forum participants organized exhibitors' Lounge. Here you can relax over a cup of coffee, chat with customers and organizers (forum plan).

Communication zones in the pavilion

For comfortable communication of visitors and participants in the pavilion, a sufficient number of tables with chairs are provided. Nearby are racks with information materials and magazines.

Information Center

Each participant and visitor can count on an exceptional attitude from the organizers. By contacting the Information Center, you can get the necessary assistance, a guide, a program or make an appointment with Grotek employees.

Beaujolais Celebration and Mishouris Blues Band Concert

Traditionally, all participants and visitors are invited to celebrate the opening of the forum. On November 21 at 17:00, the Beaujolais Young Wine Festival and a concert of the incomparable Mishouris Blues Band will take place.