27 billion tenge amounted to the financing of the AKSU Modelod of the Pavlodar region for 2015-2017 – | – The review-analytical portal of Kazakhstan.

In the Pavlodar region, they examined the complex plans for the development of single-industry towns for 2015-2017, in which the main attention was aimed at the socio-economic development of the cities of Ekibastuz and AKSU, the Akimat said. The review-analytical portal of Kazakhstan. Analytical reviews, statistics and reporting of leading companies, political news of the country. Views – 4939

27 billion tenge amounted to the financing of the AKSU Pavlodar region for 2015-2017

In general, the financing of the AKSU Monograd for 2015-2017 amounted to 27 billion 797 million tenge, including at the expense of its own funds of enterprises-8 billion tenge, the republican budget-17 billion 808 million tenge, the local budget-1 billion 989 million tenge. In the next 2015, financing will be 5.9 billion tenge. By 2017, it is necessary to ensure a decrease in comparison with 2013 the level of unemployment in the open market to 4.5%, to increase the volume of investment per capita to 447 thousand tenge.

The implementation of planned measures within the framework of the integrated development plan of the city of Ekibastuz will allow, following 2017, to ensure stable development of the economy and achieve the creation of at least 1800 jobs annually, including on the implementation of investment projects of enterprises on average 500 places; – an increase in the volume of income per capita 53.4 thousand tenge. The task is also set to increase the number of actively acting small businesses by 1.2 times, a decrease in unemployment level to 3.6%.