Screenshot of an online game for programmers CodinGame

20 free online games for programmers: easy learning

Free online games for programmers who plan to learn JavaScript, Java, Python, C# and other programming languages.

20 free online games for programmers: easy learning

This collection includes free online games for programmers that will allow you to learn JavaScript, Java, Python, PHP, C# and other languages ​​in a fun way.

And for those who are always on the road, we have collected the best mobile programming apps.

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On CodinGame, by writing code and creating your own “artificial intelligence”, you have to solve a wide variety of fun problems. The site supports all programming languages.

Screenshot of an online game for programmers CodinGame

Code Combat

CodeCombat is not just a coding game, but a real learning platform to learn computer science easily.

Colorful animation and interesting plot, clans, interaction with thousands of other players around the world. Supported languages ​​are Java, JavaScript, Python, Lua, CoffeeScript. There is Russian localization.

Screenshot of the online game for programmers Code Combat

Ruby Warrior

If you're looking to learn Ruby, then Ruby Warrior is the place to go: a great game for beginner programmers. There are two difficulty levels to match your skills. To save your progress, you will have to log in through the social network.

Screenshot of the online game for programmers Ruby Warrior

Check iO

Check iO is an Adventure browser game that teaches you how to program in Python.

Screenshot of the online game for programmers Check iO

Code Hunt

In Code Hunt, an online game for programmers, you, the code hunter, fix the code so that it returns the desired result. There are 14 levels available for passing, each of which has several tasks. The game is suitable for those who want to learn Java or C#.

Vim Adventures

Have you ever wanted to gather your strength and learn Vim completely? Vim Adventures will help you do this in the most fun and interactive way.

Screenshot of the online game for programmers Vim Adventures


Love robot battles? Then the Robocode game is for you. You will learn how to code by building combat tank robots in Java or .NET. When you create a robot, a real-time battle will begin on the screen.

Screenshot of the online game for programmers Robocode

Cyber ​​Dojo

Cyber ​​Dojo is a space where developers can get together and learn programming languages ​​such as JavaScript, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby and many more.

Screenshot of an online game for programmers Cyber ​​DoJo

Code Monkey

In Code Monkey, a coding game, you'll learn how to code online by grabbing bananas. In the west, teachers often use Code Monkey to teach CoffeScript and Python programming.

Screenshot of the online game for programmers Code Monkey

Elevator Saga

In Elevator Saga, you have to control a real elevator using JavaScript, solving various puzzles. For example, the first task is to deliver 15 people by elevator in less than 60 seconds.

Screenshot of Elevator Saga


Improve your programming skills with other people by solving real IT problems and challenges on Codewars. Supports JavaScript, C#, Java, Python and other languages.

Screenshot of the game Codewars


Git Game is an online console game for programmers, after which you will master the Git version control system. The point is to use different commands to find clues to solve different puzzles.

Git Game Screenshot


On you will find a collection of puzzles, quizzes, quizzes and other coding games that will improve your hacking skills. By the end of the game, you will be able to crack real ciphers.

Game screenshot from Hacker

Hex Invaders

In this version of the classic arcade game, the world is attacked by three aliens of different colors. To save humanity, the player must quickly translate the color's hexadecimal value into human language and shoot down the aliens.

Screenshot of the game Hex Invaders

Flexbox Froggy

Flexbox Froggy is an online coding game in which you have to help the frogs get to their water lilies. This is done using CSS Flexbox, which will greatly help develop layout skills.

We also have an article that will show you how CSS Flexbox works.

Screenshot of Flexbox Froggy game


Pixactly is a simple in appearance but not in content game for novice programmers. You are given the location of two pixels, and you must draw a rectangle at these coordinates.

Pixactly game screenshot

CSS Diner

Great game to get familiar with CSS selectors. The player is given a table with crockery, given an animated HTML form, and a specific item or items to take from the table. Everything will be covered from the basics to

CSS Diner Game Screenshot

Flexbox Defense

Classic Tower Defense with a touch of CSS – all towers and traps need to be placed using flexible layout. The game consists of 12 levels that will require you to remember all the intricacies of the Flexbox system.

Screenshot of the game Flexbox Defense


Untrusted is a meta-JavaScript adventure where you play as a character named Dr. Eval is the @ symbol, which can change the world around it by modifying its source code (wow, straight Matrix? ). The player is provided with functions that initialize each level, and an API with which to pave the way to exit the level.

Game screenshot Untrusted

Dungeons Developers

One of the most exciting games for programmers online. A tree of magical skills, but this magic is not ice and fire, but web development. Mark your knowledge of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript and track your progress towards the Master title.