2 Machete Sport M12D2 – Hyundai i40, 2. 0 L, 2013 on Drive2

Review of the owner of the Hyundai i40 – Auto -sound. Hello everyone! The record will be about sound pressure, you can say an experiment! Someone will be interested in this record, but someone does not. I decided to replace the Sabovniy link again. Around this was the subwoofer Pride BB12 V2. I completely arranged the sound, and the sound and size of the box, but as always the ears get used to it and it becomes a sun …

2 Machete Sport M12D2

I decided to replace the Sabovaya link again. Around this, the subwoofer PRIDE BB12 V2 was stood. The Sabufer completely arranged it, and the sound and size of the box, but as always, the ears get used to it and it all gets a little. Not so long ago, the updated alphard machete subwoofer has appeared on sale, With good characteristics and price.
Size -12 inches
Coil size – 2.75 inches
Diffuser material – pressed cellulose
Magnet material – ferrite
Winding material – round copper
Suspension material – foamed polyurethane
RMS power – 750 W
Power Max – 1500 W
Coil resistance – 1+1 /2+2 Ohm
The basket is steel
Installation depth – 168 mm
Installation diameter – 281.5 mm
Sensitivity – 86.3/86.2 DB
Resonance frequency – 34.10/33.90 Hz
QTS – 0.51/0.51
BL – 15.43/19.27
Re – 0.7+0.7/1.4+1.4
VAS – 38.73/41.35 L
XMAX – 14 mm
First, I purchased one Machete M12 with 2+2 coils, which placed in the box, from the pride BB (which sold).
Here is such a box. 32Hz

Well, I immediately decided to measure it. And what do you think, for such a budget, the unshakable submarine showed the result of 140.3db, and the sound itself surprised. To the sensations pressed stronger BB12.

And without hesitation, I acquire a second sub. I bought a good friend who sells ALPhard accommodation from a good friend.
I won’t paint much. I dripped the box, but the problem was that the car had a narrow opening and the false floor was made, so the volume is terrible. Approximately 110 liters.

The first shooting, with an open door, showed 143.8 dB at 42Hz (peak). The clock was calculated on 32-33 Hz, but plays from 27 Hz.

It’s hard to achieve high results with my body. Try the port in the right wing, and what do you think an increase in 0.3d.maximal reservoir 144.1db is also on the sinus of 42Hz

Watch the video

I have not seen such a cut in my car. Yes, the result itself is not final, they are still on a warm -up.
Machete Sport plays very well for their money, and I do not regret that I changed them to one Pride BB12.
Many will say that the result is small, maybe … But this car does not participate in auto -sound competitions, I experiment so purely for myself.
KICX 1.1000 amplifier: acid under the hood 60 A, in the trunk of AGM 55A, generator 120a.+- 0GA

I will say one thing: the whole potential of this system has not yet been disclosed, we will experiment further.
We comment on friends.
Thank you all for your attention! For now!