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Honor Band 5 Sport: Inexpensive fitness tracker for athletes – 4pda

Honor Band 5 Sport: inexpensive fitness tracker for athletes

Honor Band 5 Sport: inexpensive fitness tracker for athletes

Honor Band 5 Sport is a specialized sports version of the recently released fitness tracker. The novelty emphasizes physical activity. The bracelet helps to monitor the loads, analyzes behavior during running and gives advice to improve technology. How else is it different from the standard version?

Both on hand and on the leg

The sports model of the tracker is slightly less than the eldest – this is important for athletes. There is a more compact Poled screen (0.5 inches versus 0.95), and the weight decreased from 22.7 to 13 grams. You can wear a bracelet both on the arm and on the lacing of the sneaker-fixing with the help of a bred-duct. This option is intended for active training, when an accurate calculation of the steps passed is important. Moreover, you do not need to switch the mode – relevant settings are set automatically as soon as the user inserts the bracelet into the appropriate mount. And putting it on the hand, you can control with the sensory button or turning the wrist.

For all cases of sports life

The list of functions depends on where the gadget is located – on the arm or on shoes. In the first case, the Honor Band 5 Sport allows you to monitor daily loads and the quality of the owner’s dream. The device is protected from water when swimming at a small depth, so you can use it in the pool. And for those who are sitting at the computer for a long time, there are reminders of the need to move. By default, this is one message per hour, but no one interferes with setting up for their mode. Notifications from messengers and mail are also provided, reminders of affairs in the calendar and missing challenges. Manufacturers also did not forget about the alarm and searching for the phone – in general, the possibilities are almost like the Honor Band 5.

HONOR Band 5 Sport

In the “foot” mode, the tracker also knows how, first of all, monitor activity in different situations. Specifies the number of steps passed, considers the calories spent, determines the duration of physical activity. He understands when the user goes from running to run, and automatically turns on the corresponding mode. Honor Band 5 Sport monitors seven parameters of running: step frequency, its length, contact time with the ground, setting the foot, impetus when landing, twisting and angle of rotation of the leg. There is a separate mode for basketball lovers. Athletes can find out the average and maximum jump height, the number of jumps, the average time in the air, the speed of movement and running. Based on these data, it is easy to understand how to tighten the technique.

Maximum accuracy

Inside the tracker there is a 6-axis sensor, thanks to which information is reading and processing. When mounting on sneakers, the device measures and analyzes movements, equipment, a leg rotation angle and other parameters important for athletes. According to the manufacturer, the measurement accuracy is 97%.

True, there is no pulse sensor in the bracelet – apparently, they had to sacrifice for the sake of compactness. But when attached to the leg, it would still be useless, because in this mode, the HONOR Band 5 Sport simply does not come into contact with the wearer's skin.

HONOR Band 5 Sport

Always in touch

The gadget connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth, and it is controlled through the proprietary Huawei Health application. There are statistics of activity in sports, quality of sleep, as well as the appointment of a long-term goal with the ability to monitor its achievement. In addition, the program uses artificial intelligence: algorithms analyze user behavior and then give useful advice on how to improve results, improve technique and avoid injuries.

Huawei Health allows you to connect multiple devices at the same time. Not only the HONOR Band 5 Sport can be connected to a smartphone, but also a branded smart watch or an older bracelet model.

Two weeks without worries

According to the manufacturer, one charge is enough for 14 days of moderate use of the bracelet. If you do not monitor runs and just watch the time, he will live up to three weeks. The fitness tracker is fully charged for about two hours using a USB cradle, where the capsule is inserted.

HONOR Band 5 Sport

The compact and inexpensive HONOR Band 5 Sport is still a niche gadget – due to the detailed analysis of physical indicators, it will be primarily useful in training. Its functions are limited compared to the main version, but it copes with basic tasks: shows the time, counts steps, analyzes sleep and knows how to wake up the owner. The device will definitely come in handy for those who are actively involved in sports and are fond of basketball – perhaps with its help, athletes will even improve their technique.