Football club Chelyabinsk finished the autumn part of the Championship in second place

Football Club "Chelyabinsk" completed the autumn part of the championship in second place

In the next round of the Olympus of the Russian Football Championship in FNL-2 (Group 4) Football Club quot; Chelyabinsk quot; In his field he lost quot; Spartak quot; From Tuimaz, more than half an hour playing in the minority – 2: 4.

Football Club Chelyabinsk completed the autumn part of the championship in second place

Football club Chelyabinsk finished the autumn part of the Championship in second place

This match completed for both teams the autumn part of the championship and passed in beautiful weather conditions: to the accompaniment of the ongoing large real winter snow.

The Chelyabinsk residents almost from the start spent several fast attacks, but Spartak did not sit in defense at all. At the 25th minute and the goalkeeper of the Chelyabinsk was powerless. Egor Pozdnyakov with his head clearly closed the canopy from the right flank. The guests came forward in the middle of the half.

In response, he almost repaid Spartak with the same coin Yegor Dorokhov. Valiakhmetov made a cross in the penalty area from his right flank, and our young striker, with his head sighting the far corner, almost did not hit.

In general, the first half turned out not in the autumn cheerful, with a lot of moments, one of which, by the same time, was realized by guests.

The second half began with a crazy moment at Chelyabinsk. Marat Shaymordanov had already beaten the goalkeeper, but slipped on a slippery lawn, Yegor Dorokhov picked up the ball and shot him on the far, and Alexey Pipo, who came out a minute before, unfortunately, could not get into the target.

A couple of minutes later, Dorokhov beautifully assisted Nikita Kasatkin. He struck from the rebound, but the goalkeeper of the Spartaks retorted. Almost immediately, Marat Shaymordanov performed a beautiful circling blow from the penalty line. Again corner.

As often happens, carried away by their attacks, the owners missed someone else's. Cross was followed by Cross and Arseniy Zhugin, who remained unattended in our penalty area, sewed Sergei Glazkov with a blow to the near corner.

But just a couple of minutes later the Chelyabinsk residents showed that in this match nothing is far from clear. Eduard Valiakhmetov shot, and Marat Shaymordanov technically sent the ball to the goal – 1: 2 half an hour before the end.

And five minutes later, it seemed that the denouement seemed. First, the captain of our team Viktor Kuryshev received a yellow card, and after a couple of minutes – a straight red. Spartak took the attack with the left flank. The head of the head followed and the ball on the way to the gate found Victor's hand. Removal and penalty that Alexander Dmitryuk clearly realized.

But having found himself in an almost hopeless position, Chelyabinsk was not going to give up. Eduard Valiakhmetov made a second goal. This time, to Alexei Pipo, who beautifully transferred the ball into the goal in one touch.

The Chelyabinsk residents, even in the minority with all their might, tried to save this match, to reduce it at least to a draw, and there were moments for this. But instead they missed the fourth. The ball into his gates after a shutter from the flank was cut off by Kirill Saraev.

Unfortunately, luck turned away from our team that evening. As a result, we complete the autumn program of the championship with an offensive and not entirely logical defeat. But at the same time, FC Chelyabinsk retained second place in the FNL-2 group.