10 Best Shoe Insoles – Ranking 2022 (Top 10)

The best shoe insoles of 2022 – for everyday wear, winter, autumn and high-heeled shoes – according to experts and buyers.

The best shoe insoles from AliExpress

Often when choosing shoes, people pay attention to its design, sole, material and stitching quality, but in very rare cases – to the insole. Although many orthopedists, as well as manufacturers of quality shoes, argue that the insole is one of the important indicators of shoe quality and future comfort. Therefore, neglecting such an important element, discomfort may begin when walking, and then you have to look for suitable insoles.

Properly selected shoe inserts ensure compliance with the necessary hygiene standards, comfort when walking. We have highlighted the TOP 10 best shoe insoles from AliExpress.

How to choose comfortable insoles for shoes?

Before purchasing insoles, you should decide for what purposes (for everyday wear, prevention or treatment of flat feet), for which shoes (high-heeled, winter, sports) and from what material shoe inserts are required:

  • insoles for everyday wear – are considered the most common option, they are made of cotton or terry material. These insoles are typically formulated with an antibacterial agent, latex high performance foam, and crushed wood. They are the ideal model for people who lead an active lifestyle or wear shoes on their bare feet.
  • therapeutic and prophylactic insoles are divided into two types: “comfort” (produced for people suffering from foot deformity) and orthopedic insoles (appointed exclusively by orthopedists, podologists, made individually).
  • insoles for shoes with high heels – as a rule, silicone liners are produced for such purposes, which are designed to get rid of discomfort in the ankle area and excessive pressure on the fingertips.
  • insoles for autumn and winter shoes – they are made of wool, natural fur (purchased for severe frosts), felt (suitable for use in late autumn and early winter). Some models can be multi-layered (more often used by anglers and hunters) or electrically heated (powered by batteries, maintain a constant leg temperature of about 37 °).

Top 10 Best Shoe Insoles on AliExpress


The insoles are equipped with arch support, which provides greater comfort and supports the foot in the correct position. Because they are made of foam, they are easy to clean, comfortable to wear and light in weight. It is noteworthy that, if necessary, such liners can be cut to fit the size of the shoe, if the foot was suddenly measured incorrectly. The kit includes one pair of insoles, sizes 36 to 46 (23-30 cm).